Campaign to tackle forest governance gains momentum

There are high expectations for the campaign, known as ‘Mama Misitu’ Merja Makela, Natural Resources councellor for the Embassy of Finland, said.   The campaign is expected to improve transparency and accountability in the forestry sector and reduce illegal harvesting of Tanzanian timber.  

“We are very excited about this continued support,” said Carol Sorensen, Coordinator of the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF).  “Phase two of Mama Misitu allows us not only to carry on with the great work we began in phase one, but also provides an opportunity for us to evaluate challenges, successes and lessons from phase one, which we hope will lead to more effective strategies and ideally better overall results, ” she added.  

The campaign will be building public, private and non-governmental partnerships and networks related to sustainable use of forests and timber products. The aim is to promote participatory forest management processes through the campaign so that communities can increase their rights over their land and forests and strengthen their capacity to sustainably manage their forests.  

Mama Misitu will work in 8 districts during the 5-year project from 2012 to 2016. There will also be a focus on national-level engagement, where Mama Misitu hopes to raise public awareness on the value of forests and their sustainable management to the nation.   The campaign will be coordinated by TNRF and is a true coalition effort with 18 implementing NGOs, including those working with communities in the 8 districts.  

“The alliance strongly believes that strengthening rights and capacity at local level will reduce illegal logging and improve forest governance,” said Carol Sorensen. The Mama Misitu campaign is funded jointly by Finland and Norway. Finland is funding the campaign with 2,000,000 Euros and Norway with 17, 500, 000 NOK, which, all together, is approximately over $ 5m.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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