Cabinet team must make the difference

Cabinet team must make the difference

The former ministers drew plenty of fire from the National Assembly last month when a report filed by the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) pointed out weaknesses in administrative procedures and financial mismanagement in public organization under specific ministries. The report implicated eight ministers whom it blamed for shoddy work and outright dishonesty.

Picking up the slack the MPs demanded that implicated ministers resign or be kicked out of their jobs. Some even demanded that the offending ministers be investigated and where possible be prosecuted. The situation appeared to put the president under pressure to act in tandem with the wishes of the legislators.

However, the president eased out six of the eight ministers and transferred two to other ministries. The president’s move has been hailed as bold and constructive, save for some disgruntled hearts that still held that the ministers who survived the axe should have gone.

The new Cabinet is expected to be a dynamic team that will work indefatigably in the best interest of the nation. The president has called in Prof Sospeter Muhongo, an expert in minerals, to take over the mantle of leadership in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals from Mr William Ngeleja who suffered the most scathing attacks in the Parliament and elsewhere.

Prof Muhongo has been tasked to turn the minerals sector into a profitable endeavour. The past has seen unscrupulous foreign and local investors in both minerals and energy sectors carting away billions in untaxed earnings. Tanzania has no reason to be poor. The country has numerous natural resources which include the largest herd of wild animals in the world.

It also has the third largest herd of cattle in Africa and millions of hectares of arable land together with abundant water in lakes, rivers and the ocean. In fact, the nation’s natural wealth has turned thieves into billionaires. Tanzania can easily be rated as the richest nation in Africa in terms of natural reserves.

This is the challenge Ambassador Hamis Kagasheki will have to grapple with in his new responsibilities and custodian of the country natural resources and tourism. The other ministry that has taken quite a hammering from the lawmakers is the ministry of finance. And the president had no option but to ease out Mustafa Mkulo whom the MPs blamed for letting down the nation.

Financing of development project has been erratic and heavily dependent on foreign donors. Other ministers who lost their jobs are Mr Ezekiel Maige (Tourism and Natural Resources) and Dr Haji Mponda (Health and Social Welfare), Dr Cyril Chami (Industry, Trade and Marketing) and Mr Omar Nundu (Transport).

However, the president made it clear that some of the ministers have taken political responsibility for mistakes committed by organizations under their ministries, committed to ensure all those implicated in the CAG report must be taken to task. It is not enough for a minister to take responsibility alone. The problem must be dug down to the core. All offending heads must roll.

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