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Bunge Movie Awards

Bunge Movie Awards

This idea came to me at some point last week as I was watching my constituency parliamentary representative deliver a cheeky attack which he later was forced to retract. However, this did not deter him from injecting more chaos by doing it again and again but ultimately retracting his statements. He had a smile on his face that showed he was having great fun at the expense of the soft spoken chairperson who was getting visibly agitated.

But he wasn’t the only person doing this. Other members of parliament were stirring up trouble, using language similar to a crack addict who hasn’t had a fix in a long time. Say whatever, do whatever - It was a show down! They were all competing for the front page space in the newspapers the following day.

All this aside, I was highly entertained by this new format that Bunge has been taking for over a few sessions. I mean, I was laughing and could not focus on anything else for some time. I realized that I need to somehow thank my fellow Tanzanians for this quality of entertainment. It felt like a Spielberg production.

Move over Bongo Movies, the parliamentarians have taken over. And they have taken over not to act as our representatives to bring about change and development but to act out various absurdities in the parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania. Some of the more memorable scenes include the various times the parliamentarians have been sent out of Bunge. Refer to the scenes involving Lissu, Msigwa, Lema and Kafulila. That type of performance deserves an award.

Other memorable scenes involve the back and forth between Ngeleja and Mdee and between Mnyika and Ndugai to mention a few. That dialogue was priceless.All the categories are still in development but I have a few sets for sure. These will be the most contended for like the best actor/actress in a leading role and best actor/actress in a supporting role.

The leading role category will be for those parliamentarians who take the lead in causing controversy in Bunge. I will take into account the number of times that controversy has led to a front page appearance in newspapers. The supporting role category will look at those parliamentarians who are quick to provide assistance to the leading parliamentarian whenever they start causing trouble. They provide this assistance in various ways like banging the tables and issuing statements to the media.

These statements may not lead to front page appearance but still, some appearances are better than none. One of the most important categories is the best director. I will approach this category with a critical eye and monitor it carefully as there are only 2 major contenders for this category. I will let the public decide.

Another category will be the Best Adapted Screenplay. This is for those performances that we have seen before but have been recycled by either the opposition or the ruling party to be delivered again. These performances usually receive quick dismissal from the public but are nonetheless entertaining to watch.

The Best Sound Track award will probably go to the song Clouds FM have made aptly titled ‘Bunge Kariakoo’ but we’ll see how the public votes.I am also looking into having Best Animated Short Film. This being for those performances that quickly took centre stage in Bunge but was even quicker to be dismissed. Refer to the question asked to Mr Bernard Membe on why the Foreign Affairs Minister has so many black cars. The answer: They are given as support and what colour would you prefer?

One of the indicators of the category nomination is how well the parliamentarian amplifies his/her performance on a trivial matter from Bunge onto social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs. I will take into consideration the number of Likes and Retweets the issue receives.

The nominations will be announced before the end of this Bunge session currently taking place in Dodoma. However, the voting will only happen at the start of the next Bunge session. This is to give you time to analyze the performance of your parliamentarian. I urge you to note the dramatic delivery as well as emotional expression on your parliamentarian when they do their performance and make a sound judgment. There is no need to worry if you have not yet caught any of these performances. A new week means new performances.

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Even with new resolutions, I will not fear

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Author: Amby Lusekelo

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