Bravo TBL for sponsoring Taifa Stars

Bravo TBL for sponsoring Taifa Stars


One stakeholder, Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), recently signed sponsorship deal for the team through its flagship Kilimanjaro beer brand. This new record contract represents nearly 23bn/ worth of sponsorship for five years, excluding marketing and publicity.

Signed in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, the contract will ensure that the national team plays more friendly matches, which is one of the crucial factor in attaining points to raise the country’s bar and improve its ranking by FIFA. The sponsorship will also ensure the team stays in no less than three stars hotel with gymnasium and a swimming pool in addition to acquisition of a bus.

The sponsors have high expectations and believe that given this record level of financial support, combined with the efforts of TFF and other stakeholders, the national team will perform better. It is indeed a new dawn and a prelude to victory for our team.

The only shortfall in the latest contract is the fact that support for youth football has not been mentioned anywhere in the contract. Youths are an integral part in the efforts to build a stronger national team.Taifa Stars should reciprocate by showing more commitment. Tanzanians expect nothing but victory in the coming assignments.

The Stars’ performance as of late has not pleased anybody. The team has often been let down by inadequate preparations for both cup matches and friendlies. Friendly matches with tough teams, for example, will raise the players’ spirit, confidence and courage.

Again, it is important for Stars’ players to be aware of the responsibility they shoulder and the need to be committed. Stars’ major weakness has always been lack of commitment, coupled with lack of focus on the part of players. It is time they changed for the better.Tanzania’s current FIFA ranking is, frankly speaking, a national disaster. Something must be dome to extricate Taifa Stars play to win-and win you must for your nation and professional pride.

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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