Boundary beacons missing at Kenya border

A survey conducted by the 'Daily News' in Rombo District  last week has revealed that 25  of the beacons have been removed  by  some people who believe that  they contained valuable minerals.Some farmers just destroyed the signs while  working on their farming plots and encroached the borderline.

Land developers have built houses whose rooms stand on either side of the border.Rombo District Commissioner  Mr Peter Toima Toima warned  that people might lose property when the two countries conduct a land demarcation exercise.

"You might lose your crops, farms and houses," he told  Rombo residents recently, and warned them  of a possible  man-made disaster  saying when the original border lines are drawn afresh, premises and properties belonging to Tanzanians but standing  on the Kenyan side of the border would be confiscated.

 DC Toima held special meetings with local ward representatives during their full-council sessions  and told them that anyone deliberately  encroaching the border line was committing a serious  offence.

 "We must abide by the border signs. No human being   lives in two countries at the same time,"  he  warned.  The law stipulates that the distance of 20 metres  on the Kenyan side and 10 metres  on the Tanzanian side is a 'buffer zone' and no  human activity is permitted.  


WITH only one day to go before tomorrow's ...

Author: ARNOLD SWAI in Rombo

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