Big NO to drug trafficking

Big NO to drug trafficking

Intriguingly enough, most of such arrests involved women. A Zambian woman, for one, was arrested carrying pellets in her stomach and as news about her arrest were disappearing from the headlines, more arrests were made --all involving foreigners – women at that.

That could mean that either the police are now becoming more effective, thereby effecting the arrests, or it could just be a tip of the iceberg, with many traffickers being able to pass through the country’s biggest airport or other exit points unscathed.

Anyhow, let us give our law enforcers the benefit of doubt and say that they are doing a very fine job. But still they have to do more to protect the country. Drugs are dangerous and countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Guinea Bissau are unstable and experience a high level of criminality because of effects of drug cartels.

When the country is prone to drug trafficking it is its able-bodied youth who get spoilt while acts of money laundering become widespread as dirty money finds its way into the economy. And when a country is blacklisted as being a drug trafficking hub, other countries tend to be suspicious of its passport holders.

That’s why citizens of some West African countries such as Nigeria, Senegal and Guinea face difficulties when travelling through many airports around the world. These countries are well known for harbouring people who are notorious for criminal acts such as drug trafficking, money laundering and forgery.

The good name of our country and its people must therefore be protected at any cost. In this, the police owe us that protection. The police’s anti-narcotic drugs unit should be empowered not only to fight drug trafficking at our airports but also at various border points across the country. Tanzanians should all stand up and say ‘Tanzania without drugs is possible’. And that has to start right now.

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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