Being busy is natural for her

These additional words are taken as if to insure that one has fully got the picture. After further discussion on this line, it is learnt that together with other members of her family and friends, she promotes projects. Now once the ventures mature they leave them to an independent management team and look for another project.

This working group includes her husband Alex Lema, with their three sons: Arthur, Jim and Richard, who together with a few family friends sit and come-up with another project to develop. One such venture was Kibo Brewers, which later merged into the Tanzania Brewers company. Then they developed Astra Insurance Brokers, which is now operating under its own management.

Currently they are working on an alternative energy idea in Makambaku Division of the newly established Mjombe Region, with the intention of using wind-power to produce electricity. This project was started in 2006, after they had conducting a feasibility study. For this particular mission the family and friends team is joined by some Chinese and Norwegian partners.

If this is not enough the team also have a farm in Kilimanjaro Region, where her husband originates from. There, they grow and harvest barley twice a year. That is why it boggles the mind to be able to comprehend how this lady gets the space to be involved in church matters, as an Elder at the Azania Front headquarters of the Lutheran Church in the country.

“Church work is my priority so stands above everything. If I have work for the church to do, then other things just have to wait. But in many cases we deal with these things in the evenings. “I’m also singing in a choir there and if I have time I can preach the word of God, not only in church but I can preach the word of God to you right now,” she says then burst into a chuckle. Having such a full programme to contend with only seems to have kept her reflexes sharp.

Or could this have something to do with having given birth and raised five children of which the last born: Lisa goes to medical school at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Moshi District of Kilimanjaro Region. Her other daughter, Brenda is currently studying business in the United States of America. Mrs Lema, the first of eight siblings: four of each gender was born and raised in Mjombe District when it was still part of Iringa Region and her husband hails from Machame District in Kilimanjaro Region.

The couple first met here in Dar es Salaam, where they now have their family home in the Mikocheni suburbs of the City. Apart from church matters it’s very easy to get her into a serious discussion concerning netball. As a netballer, some time back she went through the ranks of player coach and later referee.

Today she has to settle to follow the game on television; however, she does take time-out from her busy schedule to go for walks, as her form of physical exercise. At times this could last for even an hour and is rarely under 30 minuets. It doesn’t take much time in the company of this first born of eight siblings: four of each gender, to get her talking about when she started playing netball at Msimbazi Primary School, here in Dar es Salaam.

At the time she was a Standard Seven pupil there, when the education establishment wanted to build a team and she turned out to be one of the best shooters. That is how she was selected; not only to join but to be the team’s captain. On completion of her education programme there, when she went on to continue her studies at Janwani Secondary School, from 1967 to 1969, she continued playing the game.

Much later, when she had joined the Tanzania Harbours Authority (THA), then called the East African Harbours Authority (EAHA) she played for their team, who participated in many competitions. “As I was growing older, I decided to pick the younger ones for the team and I joined the ranks of referees and later trained to be a coach until 1997, when I went to university.

This is when I stopped physically participating in netball. I must admit that I do miss playing but have to accept the reality that my schedule does not leave room for this. At times I just read in newspapers about the game or watch it on television, as I did in the recently-held competitions,” she explains. The former netballer tells the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ that she is pleased to see that the game is coming-up now from a former state of lull.

She is also pleased to see that there are people, who are taking a serious interest in it and even going as far as promoting it. Needles to say she is extremely pleased to see that her former team, the THA (Badari), is amongst the ones, together with Police, who are making pleasant moves these days.

Pleasing to hear that she is more than ready to give advice, as a veteran of the game, if asked to. However, Mrs Lema did have an area that displeased her in connection to the game currently. She strongly feels more effort should be placed on promoting it and players from primary school levels.

In total she complains of their being a need for organised sports and artistic activities at school level. She maintains that pupils should be organised into teams, in line with their particular interest. This she emphasises must include all sports and artistic activities.

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