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Bank upgrades ATM software

The bank has upgraded all the ATMs within its branch network with Monedia technology which allows consumers enjoy navigating through its new ATM banking interface. The introduction of the new software is expected to enhance the customers banking experience.

According to Mr Willington Munyaga, the bank's Head of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), customers have noted it as a simplified automated process that enables them to complete a transaction in half the time used with ATMs from other banks and the new features on the ATM are in itself adding a new distribution channel for the bank's products and service.

"Providing an exceptional client experience is our goal and it was important for us to deliver more features at the ATM in as simple a manner as possible," he said, adding that their research indicates that clients clearly prefer the new platform as it offers them a myriad of benefits ranging from interbank transfers, cheque book requests, enhancing mobile remittances from your own account to a mobile phone subscriber and many other services.

He said the new system demonstrates the bank's clear leadership in ATM innovation, especially automated Services."Through the new platform, customers can now be able to enjoy an interface to Visa and Mastercard as the banks ATMs are currently European Mastercard and Visa compliant (EMV) which is expected to start operating by December 2012," he said.

He further noted that the bank's clients are enjoying the speed, convenience and ease-of-use that come with the new ATMs software and that the bank is closely finalizing on interfacing of the bank's ATMs to other regional offices thereby enabling them access seamless ATM banking across 15 countries in Africa.

"We have recognized the power of Monedia ATMs to re-invent our customers' banking experience, making self-service banking faster and easier,"  Mwanahiba Mzee, Head of retail at the bank, said.

She said that with the new software, the bank is looking forward to increase its distribution channels and offer more consumer solutions through new ATM platforms.

She explained that the ATMs bring with it enhanced security that will lessen the chances for customers losing their funds through fraudulent access of their accounts and with a 24-hour report on the status of the ATM across the country, customers can rest assured of service when visiting our ATM network.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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