Bakwata: We are not against census

Mufti Sheikh Issa Shaaban bin Simba told journalists in Dar es Salaam on Monday that Bakwata understood the importance of conducting a population census.“We have nothing against the core reasons of the census. What we are against is the recent habit of people who don’t have the mandate of conducting and doing it on tribal and religious basis,” he said.

Sheikh Simba said that he wanted every Muslim to take part in the exercise. He, however, demanded to know from the government where it obtained statistics on the number of Muslims and Christians that had been posted in the national website.
“Census has been conducted on numerous occasions; that is known.

What is also known is that the government doesn’t conduct it along tribal and religious lines; we need to know where the statistics came from this time,” he said.The Mufti called upon the government to formulate a law that will take to task anyone who isn’t authorized to conduct a census and also to task those doing it along tribal and religious lines when the government has already abolished it.

He said that the council felt there was need to state their position, especially since in recent days there are many people who have come out airing the advantages and disadvantages of the census.

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