AT should awaken from its slumber

AT should awaken from its slumber

This year’s championship comes in the wake of a change of guard at the helm of Athletics Tanzania (AT) after the election in Morogoro mid this year. The new team has promised to do everything to turn around athletics glory. Staggering under its burden of prolonged mismanagement, the new AT leadership, under the Chairmanship of Anthony Mtaka, who is also the Mvomero District Commissioner, vowed to turn around athletics fortunes.

Given the new vigour and zeal the new leadership has shown, the future looks bright. We expect to see from today on what the new leaders have in store; that is if they are really capable of reviving the standard of the ailing sport.Athletics in the country is not completely ‘dead’. It is just battling for survival.

After all, the decline of athletics in Tanzania is absolutely of our own making for there is every reason to believe that the persons or authorities entrusted with the task of ensuring athletics development never did their homework well.It is not always an easy task to put a ‘dilapidated’ house in good order.

What is needed, especially on the part of the AT, athletes and stakeholders is the will and determination to turn things around.There are various reasons behind the decline of athletics in Tanzania, chief among them being the fact that for the past decade or so, the AT has clearly neglected events other than long distance running, which meant losing 90 per cent of the country’s potential for athletics.

Worse still, there was no better strategy to identify talents in schools in general and rural areas in particular. The education/knowledge of coaches is stagnating. Especially shocking is the lack of knowledge and the increasing distance by officials and coaches to the modern requirements of modern day athletics.AT now only needs to address and solve these deficits for our athletes to perform at the highest required levels.

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