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Arusha city gets 20bn hotel investment

Arusha city gets 20bn hotel investment

The stylish and eyecatching facility with three conference rooms capable of accommodating between 20 and 150 people stands amidst gardens located between the hotel and the bravura historical buildings of Regional Commissioner Offices and the AICC, seat of the United Nations in Tanzania.

Located in Arusha’s central business district, 45 minutes from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) and 15 minutes from Arusha Airport Kisongo the hotel has the state-of-the art wellness centre boasting of infra-red sauna for ladies, coffee shop restaurants and bar.

“Everything about this hotel is an effortless experience, from the arrival ambience to what the hotel staff refer to as sleep experience, there is even the conferencing experience...our services will be a continuous series of uniquely refreshing experiences,” says Mr Fred Maina, a hotel’s hospitality consultant.

The new facility is the flagship of Palace Hotel Ltd group with several other similar hotels in the Dar es Salaam. Mr Maina promises great things for tourists in Arusha, saying it will create direct employment to about 120 people, with 1,000 family members benefiting. It also provides business opportunity for suppliers of hotel goods and services.

The hotel has so far, as part of its corporate social responsibility, beautified and upgraded Makongoro garden, creating a new ambiance for the city of Arusha.

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Author: Daily News Reporter in Arusha

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