Amicable solution needed for Islamic paper saga

Amicable solution needed for Islamic paper saga

It still defies imaginations how such a blunder could have occurred in the first place. That is, if at all it was a blunder. It is even more confusing if it was indeed a mistake because a similar slip-up needs a satisfactory explanation.

Nevertheless, accidents do happen, but their cause needs to be revealed and explained to avert furor and a possible conflict. In our case, why and who caused the antagonistic question must be revealed and made answerable if the unity of the Tanzanian communities is to be consolidated. The mystery needs to be opened with clarity.

If the question was indeed accidental, then such mystery surrounding the matter, which could mean a sorry mistake with no harm intended to any one, is why those hurt by alleged "blunder" need to have a presence of mind to wait for the result of the probe team's report.

So far, the government's reaction to the complaint is reassuring. Suspension of a senior official of the relevant unit of National Examination Council (NECTA), Joseph Mbowe, is in line with a free and fair investigation into the matter.

NECTA's Executive Secretary, Dr Joyce Ndalichako said the suspension of Mr Mbowe, Head of Research, Evaluation and Computer Services, meant clearance of way for independent investigation.

In the Executive Secretary's word: "The decision aims at paving the way for the probe committee formed by the ministry of Education and Vocational training to investigate on the nature of the errors."The public's demand that the government's probe team should be given free access to the council to do its work without let or hindrance in the matter is, therefore proper.

However, the government has its own ways of solving problems accordingly. Giving it conditions of how to resolve such matters merely to satisfy the aggrieved may not reveal the true extent of the problem and indeed, may defeat the whole purpose of getting a lasting peaceful result.It would therefore be wise to let the government work on the question without pressure or demands from outside.

We need to stick to code of ethics  and conduct for public service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed concern ...

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