All is well for the constitution review process

All is well for the constitution review process

The significance of the move is that it came just a day after the president and CHADEMA amicably and successfully concluded a two-day meeting on the bill. First we commend the president for his savory gesture of accommodating CHADEMA and hearing their views on the matter. It is the president’s prerogative to assent to any bill endorsed by parliament without having to wait for anyone’s opinion.

It is also the president’s discretion to sign bills at the time of his choice. Yet he felt it prudent to wait and listen to divergent views about the bill before assenting to it. Secondly, the signing of the bill paves the way for the formation of a new constitution as promised by President Kikwete in his New Year message on December 31, 2010. By all means this is an historic feat.

Since issues pertaining to the country’s constitution are not confined to political parties or politicians, it is believed that public enthusiasm on the review process will be boosted. Of importance also is the fact that the government has stated that it will continue to receive views and recommendations made by stakeholders and the public on how best to improve the Act. This shows the government’s good intentions and willingness to adopt new ideas that will bring changes for the better.

The only thing that should be permanent is constant change for the better. It should be understood that human creations will always have their imperfections. We should always strive to find ways of improving our own creations instead of bickering endlessly and criticizing the efforts of others.

Regular improvements to the Act are welcome to allow the country to get a constitution that serves public interests best. Suggestions that the president’s action of assenting to the bill was wrong are misplaced. It should be understood that he has the mandate and authority to do so without any interference.

One can only appeal to the public to take this opportunity to start airing their informed views on the Act itself as well as to fully participate in the constitution review process because, as the president has demonstrated, every Tanzanians’ voice deserves to be heard.

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