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A teen inspiring ‘future’ for fellow girls

That is the legacy the young woman has curved   for herself after  four years of Ordinary Level Secondary education at Marian Girls.Rosalyn Tandau came second in the entire country with a sterling performance in the Ordinary Level secondary school results announced last month  and emerged the best girl overall.

To her, it is the diligence with which she handled her work throughout her secondary school that she attributes to the performance.In an interview, the best girl overall, said she was shocked with the news of the results. Rosalyn said she was overwhelmed by the news.

“I am so happy and because I did not expect the best result for Mathematics since I arrived late,” she said. Rosalyn (16), who wants to either be an actuarial scientist or economist in future, said the  secret to her  success, is, the conducive  environment as the school encourages  discussions among students and assignments until they get it right.

"I had a favourable atmosphere to study, where I was encouraged to excel by both my parents and teachers, and I seized the opportunity to study hard." She attributed her success to her parents, recalled an incident when she was making choices to proceed with ‘O’ Level.

“My parents encouraged me a lot. Imagine, both my parents have a science background but when I told them that I wanted to opt for other subjects, they agreed because they know where my passion is,” she explained. Roselyn’s father, Mr Henry Tandau, said he was happy with his daughter’s results, but was quick to say he was liberal with his children and allowed them to decide their future.

“I come from a science background but I let her do what she wanted which were business subjects. I give them what they need in supporting their education but my job is largely facilitation. The school also has to take credit. I wanted and grateful that she went back to the same school,” he said.

Unlike other students who overcame major odds after a faltering start, Rosalyn has always been on top of his class.Rosalyn attributes her success also to hard work coupled with prayers and devoting most of her time reading. "I worked hard, read books and prayed a lot. But no one does examinations knowing she would come out top,” she explained. She added, “I followed my timetable diligently. 

But the support and cooperation I got from fellow students, the teachers and conducive environment also take the credit,” She also said that following her timetable, committed teachers and understanding was another impetus.Her advice to other students is to work hard and to always have a goal in whatever they do if they are to achieve the best. She advised that rural students should work harder. “Don’t give up, just keep on because we do not want to perpetuate that poverty cycle in our country,” she advised. 

Rosalyn is the daughter of a sports enthusiast, and a member of the Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC) and a sports journalist who at one time wrote for the Daily News.

 She is a girl with confidence and seems like a woman who can inspire  other girls across the country,who feel they can not bring revolution in professions in the community.

 “I was afraid on that day, to the extent of dropping pens. In fact I did not complete the Maths paper. I was really hurt and I eventually did not expect to get A in the subject and a seven point division one,”she said

In her results, Rosalyn scored As in Civics, Maths, History, Biology, Geography, English, Commerce and Book Keeping. She had Bs in Kiswahili and Bible knowledge.

Far from the case for a number of girls, Rosalyn loves Mathematics more than any other subject.

 “Mathematics is not hard because two multiplied by two is four and that cannot change forever. There is no hard subject, it just depends on the way you have set yourself to understand, but I always believe that exams are hard because you can never know how the  questions will be framed and how prepared are you at that particular time, ”she said

“I decided to do business studies even if I was good in science subject because I want to be a successful economist,” said the young woman who is a great soccer fan of Yanga and Barcelona.

A parent Salome Lugome whose daughter completed school with Rosalyn says she was not shocked when she had the girl was overall best girls in the national exams because she was always a the top of the class.

“Rosalyn  was always at the top of the class and even on the school graduation day she scooped presents of almost all arts and business subjects and was announced the overall best student,” said Mrs Lugome.The second master of Marian, Ms Flora Mapunda describes Rosalyn as a focused and well mannered student.

On relationships Rosalyn said she has friends both boys and girls but nothing beyond normal friendship. She says her parents also advised her not to mix relationships with studies.Apart from God, who has been her leader in life, she thanks teachers at Marian girls, parents, and fellow students who she says contributed immensely to her success.

As people around the world observe International Women’s Day today, she urges that the government and stakeholders boon education programmes that empower both rural and urban women.

For women around the world, today is a day to celebrate and advance the progress of gender equality globally.  But for Rosalyn, it should be a day for mothers, daughters, sisters and wives to demand for better quality education opportunities for the girl child in Tanzania.

For she believes empowering girls is to empower the entire community. She appreciates the move by the United Nations to recognize the potential of girls and therefore coming with a good theme for celebrating international women’s day. This year’s theme is ‘Connecting girls, Inspiring future’





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