3 arrested in Moshi for impersonation

A statement released by Save the Children in Dar es Salaam on Monday noted that the culprits were falsely registering orphans and vulnerable children and collecting what they claim to be registration fee for schooling support from the families.

The statement signed by the organisation’s Country Director, Ms Rachel Pounds said that the Programme Save the Children works all over the world to help and improve the life of children. “Every shilling that is raised here in Tanzania and elsewhere is used to help the least advantaged children in our society and therefore do not charge any fees for the services that we provide to the community,” reads the statement.

It made clear that the people who were caught had no any absolute connection whatsoever with the organisation and were fraudulent in their endeavour.It further noted that attempt of stealing from the people is not only a criminal attempt but also mean-spirited and very shameful.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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