Fish feeds vital for boosting productivity

Fish feeds vital for boosting productivity

THE Cooperative Societies of International Fish Market Mwaloni-Kirumba management has proposed the need for feeds for fish hatchlings on Lake Victoria to improve production to meet both local and international markets.

They made the call on Tuesday during the ongoing Nanenane Exhibitions in Lake Zone, proposing more research to know important feeds for especially perch and tilapia, a kind of fish, whose demand keeps on increasing.   

“Then food production should take off as soon as possible. Initial investigation shows that we have enough raw materials, including lentil flour and sardine residuals,” said the Societies’ Chairperson, Mr Erasto Bolosha.

He expounded that despite being large, Lake Victoria’s products do not meet the market demand as of now.

Geita Gold Mine alone needs 10 tonnes of tilapia kind of fish weekly, at 8,500/- per kilogramme while the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) market needs 56 tonnes of fish monthly at 25 US dollars per kilogramme. 

Mkombozi Fish Supply Secretary, Mr Shaban Kumlima said research should involve members of the fishing community who spend most of their time in water and therefore come across fish characteristics.

He cited an example of female tilapia fish, which normally spawn its egg on muddy areas covered by grass (in the Lake), for fish kid hatching.

“Thus, this is the right area to pour fish foods until fish hatchlings can go out of breeding sites. That is how we can have quality and a huge quantity of fish as the area will be attracting many fish-mothers to gather for reproduction,” he said.

Again, the safety at breeding sites should also be tight as fish mothers are well concerned with the hatchlings’ security, a reason why they spend a couple of days around to fight possible predators.  

Mwanza City Council Fishing Officer, Ms Susan Nchangwe, commented that community participation has been prioritized as the move fights and minimizes illegal fishing problems.

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Author: ABELA MSIKULA in Mwanza

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