CLERICS CALL:  Why being counted matters

CLERICS CALL: Why being counted matters

RELIGIOUS leaders and National Assembly Speaker Dr Tulia Ackson have jointly elaborated why the forthcoming national population and housing census is key to planning for development.

Tanzania declared August 23, 2022 as the date for conducting the census, with regular calls for all citizens to fully participate.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam at the national forum of religious leaders on 2022 population and housing census on Wednesday, the Chairman of the Inter-Religious Committee for Peace, Sheikh Alhad Mussa Salum, said all religions have no obstacle to the census.

Shekh Alhad insisted that the census has no affiliation to any religion and that all religious leaders will work with the government to ensure that the census is conducted successfully for the benefit of the nation.

Sheikh Alhad called on all Muslims and Christians to ensure that they are counted during the forthcoming 2022 national census.

On his part, Head of the Eastern and Coastal Diocese, Bishop Dr Alex Malasusa also underlined the call on Tanzanians to be counted for the country’s betterment.

Bishop Dr Malasusa argued that religious leaders and their followers have to give the desired weight to the role of the census in bringing development since the data is prerequisite when planning for development.

For his part, a member of the sheikh’s council of the Tanzania Muslims Council (BAKWATA), Sheikh Muharram Mziwanda, called on Tanzanians to be compliant to the census exercise Sheikh Mziwanda said in Islam obedience is part of worship, adding that obedience is required when it comes to matters of good interest of the world.

“Our religion needs us to obey good things and whoever undermines the leaders of his or her religion will suffer a loss and whoever disregards government leaders will suffer a loss as well,” quoted sheikh Mziwanda.

Moreover, the Anglican Church Bishop Jackson Sostenes asked Tanzanians to effectively take part in the census because even the Bible underscores the importance of the census and the Almighty God allowed census to take place in the Israel nation.

In her speech, Dr Ackson commended religious leaders for supporting President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s efforts of bringing development in the country, including organizing the forum which was meant to encourage citizens to participate in the census.

Dr Tulia said this year’s census is different from the previous ones because it will not only look at the population but also types of services and economic activities available in a particular area.

For her part, the 2022 Population and Housing Census Commissioner Anna Makinda said this year’s census will be digital from its preparation, data collection and processing to the electronic system.

Ms Makinda, who is the former National Assembly Speaker, said there will be a map that will help the census clerks not to count one household more than once.

Earlier, speaking on behalf of Chief Government Statistician, a statistician from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Mr Pastori Ulimali said the census will be conducted in accordance with the law.

Mr Ulimali elaborated that the law stipulates that the chief government statistician in mainland should collaborate with the Zanzibar chief government statistician to conduct a population and housing census in every ten years.

Mr Pastori said census is conducted as per the requirements of the United Nations strategic plan which requires each member state to conduct a population or census in every ten or five years depending on the economy of the country.

He added that census is done to evaluate the national development plans, the Zanzibar devel- opment plan, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and the Africa 2063 Agenda.

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