New fertiliser tech to boost productivity

New fertiliser tech to boost productivity

The agriculture sector has got fresh impetus from a new fertiliser technology which is centred on environmental conservation while boosting productivity.

The fertilisers, introduced by Agrami Afrika in collaboration with her sister company Mzuri Afrika, are produced using a Nano-formulation which also cut costs drastically compared to the traditional ones.

Agrami Afrika Managing Director Shaaban Mgonja said they have already registered 12 types of liquid fertilisers out of 18 with Tanzania Fertiliser Regulatory Authority (TFRA) after a demonstration of almost two years since they were introduced in the country.

“The fertilisers produced in Poland by our parent company Agrami Poland and since have proven their capability on increasing productivity.

“The fertilisers are also an answer for sustainable agriculture practices, green revolution, hence agribusiness,” Mr Mngoja said told journalists on Wednesday. 

Agrami Afrika is a Tanzanian firm which was registered in 2020 with a partnership with Agrami Poland with a vision to be a leading company in distributing and manufacturing the highest quality liquid fertiliser—foliar fertiliser—including Nano-fertilizers with bactericidal, fungicidal and Virucidal properties which is a promising alternative to conventional chemical fertilisers.

Agrami Afrika’s Director of Technology Services, Dr Juma Mohamed, said their foliar fertilisers are not only giving the plant the required nutrition but also are water conditioners.

“Farming is a science, art, and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, without proper utilisation of fertilisers and machines one ends up in a loss,” Dr Kayeke, an agronomy and weed expert, said.   

Their Nano MI fertiliser is easy to use, soil friendly and a small amount—1litre is enough to spray 2.5 acres in a single day compared to 400 kilogrammes of conventional fertiliser for similar areas and applied in more than one day.

“The fertilisers are going to revolutionize the agricultural sector by protecting the environment while increasing productivity at a low cost,” he said, “our products last December gets a European Award as the best fertiliser.”

The 1.0ltr of Nano MI liquid fertiliser goes between 120,000/- and 150,000/- compared to 150,000/- per 50kg bag of conventional.

Nano-formulations or nano-sized fertilizers are made from ammonium humate, ammonia, urea, peat, plant wastes, and other synthetic fertilizers. An example of nano-formulation is nano-sized nitrogen fertilizer which is prepared as a result of the deposition of urea on calcium cyanamide.

Meanwhile, Mzuri Afrika has introduced a machine that ploughs, levellings and plants seeds while putting fertiliser at the same time. Ploughing using Pro-Til T3, the small one, takes one hour for 7.5 acres. The Pro-Til T6 is ploughing 15 acres in one hour.

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