SA revokes tavern permit after teenagers' deaths

SA revokes tavern permit after teenagers' deaths

South African authorities have revoked a nightclub's permit to sell alcoholic beverages following the deaths of at least 21 people, mostly teenagers, at the establishment.

The cause of deaths remains unknown.

Yellow police tape has been used to cordon off the tavern where the teenagers died after a party on Saturday night.

Police have also been sent there as forensic investigators carry out their work.

South Africa’s liquor board has said the nightclub owner will face criminal charges after the underage patrons died at the premises.

Residents in the area want the nightclub to be closed down. They’ve accused the owner of ignoring the rules on liquor trading licences, and only focusing on making a profit.

By law, nobody under the age of 18 is allowed in nightclubs in South Africa.

Authorities say there were no visible injuries on the bodies of the deceased and suspect that the deaths could be linked to poisoning.



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Author: East London, SOUTH AFRICA

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