TZ earns kudos for championing climate change fight

TZ earns kudos for championing climate change fight

THE United Kingdom (UK) has hailed Tanzania’s initiative of championing the global agenda of fighting climate change and its effect in the country.

The accolades came from UK’s climate Change Ambassador for Africa and the Middle East, Ms Janet Rogan, who was in the country for a four-day visit to learn about the progress Tanzania is making to deliver on its international climate change commitment made during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland last year.

During her keynote speech at Glasgow COP26, President Samia Suluhu Hassan told the summit that it was high time for the developed countries to unlock climate change financing to the developing countries, including Tanzania.

According to her, 30 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of most of the low income countries comes from agriculture, forestry and fisheries, but there are no clear strategies to sustain the three sectors.

She told the conference that Tanzania has not been spared by the adverse climate change effects, including rising sea levels that are eating away arable land, while Mount Kilimanjaro is losing its iconic glaciers while Zanzibar is struggling with temperature rise that are impacting the tourism ecology.

“For sure, we know what is needed, and we know what works. Our solidarity as leaders will be measured not by the high ambitions we set today, but our actions across all the pillars of the Paris Agreement on mitigation, adaptation and financing,” President Samia said.

She noted that to combat the causes and effects of climate change, more commitment is required, and on developed countries to fulfill climate financing goals of donating 100 billion US dollars by 2025 to facilitate the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Reacting to Tanzania’s commitment, Ms Rogan said it was inspiring to visit the country, where she has seen how the government and other stakeholders work on the commitments of COP26 Glasgow climate pact.

“Tanzania is already showing its commitment in adopting measures addressing climate change and its effects. All I can say is that let us keep moving together inclusively,” she said during a press briefing in Dar es Salaam on Friday.

During her visit, she also exchanged views on global climate efforts, following on last year’s international conference of world leaders’ summit in the UK.

“Food and water security, agriculture and renewable energy will be key topics in the forthcoming conference this year,” she said.

MS Rogan also discussed with government officials on Tanzania’s vast potential of benefiting from carbon markets, linked to certified forest conservation projects and steps that need to be taken internationally, to accelerate the ability of developing countries to access international climate finance.

“I have also engaged with energy companies and non-governmental organisations in the country to understand better the challenges and trade-offs involved in delivering climate action whilst also achieving energy access for all and inclusive economic development,” she said.

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