TIA Mwanza set to tackle challenges through ambitious construction

TIA Mwanza set to tackle challenges through ambitious construction

AFTER 10 years of the Tanzania Institute of Accountants (TIA) Mwanza branch distinguishing itself by providing quality education in the fields of accounting, supply and procurement, the influx of students joining the campus has increased.

 The institute has begun construction of classrooms to accommodate 1100 students, a library with a capacity of 250 students at once,16 offices and an Information Communication Technology (ICT) building with computer equipment capable of serving 2,000 students. 

The construction is being carried out 20 kilometers from the center of Mwanza city, which will be a center of the Great Lakes Region by having a leading institution in teaching of these subjects and thus attract students from neighboring countries.

The area is Nyang'homango in Misungwi district, Mwanza Region, where 7.8 bn/= will be spent on the construction. 

It should be noted that the Tanzania Accounting Institute Mwanza branch belongs to the government ana was established in 2012 through the government agency Act Chapter 245 and took on the responsibilities of the former Dar es Salaam School of Accountancy (DSA) as part of improving its performance. 

TIA Mwanza branch manager, Dr Honest Kimario said construction of the Nyang'homango institute at a cost of 7.8 bn / = started in January this year and is expected to be completed in 2024. 

He said the amount of 3.5 bn/ = has been provided by the government and the rest will come from the internal revenue of the institution. 

"Due to the large increase in the number of students joining our college, we have decided to move the college from Buzuruga to Nyang'homango area where we have acquired an area of 104,900 square meters" said Dr Kimario. 

He said the Mwanza branch started offering cadres in accounting, procurement and supply in 2012 with 361 students, and currently serves 1185 students, so due to the increase in students joining the college by 70 percent per year, they were forced to look for a new location. 

Dr. Kimario said that the institute enables students to receive curriculum training that puts them in a good position to employ themselves and do well in the National Board of Accounting and Auditing (NBAA) examinations, Certified Public Accounting (CPA). 

"Given the challenge of globalization and technology, we need our young people to be able to meet the needs of the times, so we are going to have a great center," said Dr Kimario. 

Dr. Kimario commended the government's move to recognize the need to provide funding for construction so that students can have a friendly environment for education and urged residents of the Lake Region and Tanzania to use the college in preparing young people to have a better education to enable the nation achieve development.

The Institute's mission is to be an "Institute for providing quality education in business, research and consulting services in Africa" while being driven by the responsibility of providing quality education, consulting and research services in the fields of Accounting, Supply and Other Business Areas for public and private sectors” 

Acting Marketing Officer of TIA, Ms Sauda Swai said the institute welcomes Form Four graduates to study for a certificate level in Procurement/ Supply and Accounting, saying the college currently offers up to undergraduate education.


She listed the courses offered as a one-year initial certificate in accounting, supply and procurement courses, other courses include a preliminary business management certificate,  certificate of leadership and human resource management, as well as certificate of marketing and Public Relations. 

Ms Swai said in terms of Diploma, they offer courses in Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Purchasing and Supply, Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations and Diploma in Public Accounting and Finance. 

In terms of undergraduate education, he said the college offers courses in Accounting, Degree in Procurement and Supply, Degree in Human Resource Management, Degree in Marketing and Public Relations and a Degree in Public Accounting and Finance. 

She said TIA has other campuses in Mtwara, Kigoma, Singida, Mbeya and Dar es Salaam which is the headquarter and they are currently hoping to build another campus in Zanzibar. 

Ms Swai said that they provide training, research and advice on Accounting, Procurement and other business matters while their fees are friendly to Tanzanians. 

TIA Mwanza Branch students on the other hand have commended the government for the initiative to build their college in a wider area to meet their academic needs. 

The president of the alumni, Mr John Joseph, said they were happy to receive training at the college, because due to challenges of employment, the courses they received prepared them for self-employment. 

A student leader, Ms Jacquline Edwin, who is the Minister of Education at the campus, said they welcomed the beginning of construction in the area because it will reduce interaction with other people and reduce noise disturbances. 

TIA Architect and Eng Godfrey Seni said the construction is being carried out by China Railway Jiachang Engineering (CRJE), where more than 90 percent of the workforce consists of Tanzanians. 

He said the construction is going well so it is their expectation that the work which includes construction of administrative buildings, libraries, Information Technology, Communication and Classrooms will be completed by the beginning of 2024. 

"We are confident of completing our construction in 2024 as the pace of construction is high because at the moment all the initial steps have been completed ahead of time so the exercise will be completed on time" said Eng Seni. 

Author: SULEIMAN SHAGATA in Mwanza

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