President Mwinyi pledges to fulfill development plans

President Mwinyi pledges to fulfill development plans

THE President of Zanzibar, Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi, who is also also the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, has reiterated that deliberate efforts will be undertaken to ensure all development pledges made to residents in the Islands are implemented effectively.

According to a statement issued by the State House in Zanzibar, Dr Mwinyi made the assurance while addressing Muslim believers during Friday prayers at Ijumaa Fumba Bondeni Mosque in West ‘B’ District, Urban West region.

“I believe that there are some challenges when it comes to development, but I will make sure that efforts are taken day and night to address them under my administration,” Dr Mwinyi assured the believers.

The Zanzibar President urged believers across the different religious faiths to continue praying for him to enable him to accomplish promises he made to electorates in the islands.

Dr Mwinyi further assured believers at the Mosque that he will address some challenges facing the house of worship, which were presented to him including shortage of safe and clean water.


For his part, Executive Secretary in the office of the Mufti of Zanzibar, Sheikh Khalid Mfaume, urged fellow believers and all Zanzibaris to continue praying for President Mwinyi.

“We ought to pray for our president in accomplishing his tasks, since he has a daunting responsibility of leading people of Zanzibar towards sustainable development,” the cleric observed.

On the other hand, Sheikh Mfaume challenged the believers to ensure that their utterances are in line with teachings of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).


“We should make best use of our tongues since the prophet emphasized that a tongue is one of body organs, which should be used in appropriate manner to avoid punishment from the Almighty God. We should also utter and do good deeds,” he emphasized. 

In a preaching earlier during the prayers, Sheikh Maulid Issa Shani, urged fellow believers to act positively since every deed be in bad or good will be judged accordingly by the Almighty God.

The cleric assured the believers that God rewards people in accordance to their deeds in this world, stressing that it was important for everyone to avoid committing immoralities.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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