Vodacom disburses over 3bn/- profit to M-Pesa users

Vodacom disburses over 3bn/- profit to M-Pesa users

Vodacom Tanzania has started the disbursement of 3.3bn/- to its over 7.7 million M-Pesa users as a share of the profit accumulated on M-Pesa Trust Accounts.

Vodacom Tanzania Director of M-Pesa, Epimack Mbeteni said the pay-out will make a cumulative total of 174bn/-which has been paid since the company started issuing the profit.

These payments are expected to be completed by Friday this week, by which time all subscribers will have received their share.

“We are extremely gratified to see that the M-Pesa platform and its many services are a part of people’s everyday life.

It is through their use of such services that we are able to return this interest to them.

We are currently disbursing 3.3bn/-to customers who used the platform in the last quarter of the past financial year, disbursing funds directly into their M-Pesa accounts,” he said.

The profit will be paid to individual customers, retail agents and other M-Pesa business partners based on their M-Pesa wallet transactions between January to March this year.

Share of profit is dependent on the level of activity the user has had on M-Pesa for the said period. Such activities include transfers, bill payments and airtime purchases to name a few. Customers can SMS the word Amount to 15300 to find out how much interest they will receive.

Upon receiving the disbursed amount, M-Pesa customers can redeem the interest via cash withdrawal, airtime, or bundle purchases, and transact the bonus to pay bills or purchase products.

“This revolutionary mobile money platform has played a huge role in building inclusion and access to services in the country.

Women and youth have seen the ease and convenience of using M-PESA and are taking advantage of the numerous M-Pesa services that simplify and improve their lives.

It has also been a key resource empowering small businesses to weather the difficulties which were caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For us at Vodacom Tanzania, our priority is to make sure that the M-Pesa platform remains safe, agile and responsive to customer needs,” he noted.

Author: DAILYNEWS Reporter

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