Local motorcycle assembly industry, new venture for youths

Local motorcycle assembly industry, new venture for youths

AT 25, Obi Kalinga is a local Tanzanian who has just graduated from one of the universities in the country and readily in employment as a taxpayer at the Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd (METL) motorcycle assembly factory in Vingunguti, Dar es Salaam.

Many Tanzanians still do not know that a motorcycle’s components can be assembled locally in the country and be on the road and mention such a thing, their minds would fast enough run to China or India, as if other parts of the world are incapable of assembling them.

At the site in Vingunguti, you will see Tanzanians also busy assembling different components of a motorcycle’s parts (though imported from India) to come up with a new product as if imported.

In his history to land to the work, Mr Kalinga noted that the idea was brought to him by his aunt who happened to be an employee at the company and specifically telling him that with his age and university degree in educatio, he could still shift to train and be employed to assemble and ride motorcycles and tricycles and still eke out a living without necessarily clinging to what he studies.

“The government funds several trainings through the Skills Development Fund (SDF) coordinated by the Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) and you can be considered,” he was told.

Given the opportunity, Mr Kalinga is proud to be one of the 400 young people who have now benefited from the SDF-funded training run for three weeks at Future World Vocational Training College in Gongo la Mboto, Dar es Salaam.

During the training, Kalinga and his colleagues were skilled in several techniques of repairing, road safety and riding motorcycles as well as tricycles, before they could be engaged as employees in different companies including the ones, which assemble them.

He could say: “They began training us on how to assemble a motorbike and those who performed well were recruited and retained there.” In short, the government’s intention of funding the youth with such skills in a way enables them to also start self-help jobs and eke out a living.

As was the case of another youth in the industry, Yassin Athumani, 25, who also graduated from the SDF training, he says he will be ambassador to others, especially graduates, who come out of different colleges with good certificates and still cling to what they studied without realizing that one must be versatile in life.

While the beneficiaries were giving their testimonies on skills development training, the SDF Project Coordinator, Ms Asumini Awadhi, who is also the Future World College Principle said currently they have some 450 young people taking different courses with them.

In addition, the Skills Development Fund (SDF) has been a savior in creating jobs, especially for young people and as a result, many training institutions, especially private ones have sprung up with their assistance.

The trainings funded by the Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) through the SDF, mostly targets groups of young people aged 18-35 to enhance their skills in motorcycle and tricycles riding.

In addition to the training beneficiaries employed by large motorbike plants merging and selling companies from India, METL, another group, has been engaged in FEKON and marketing companies in Dar es Salaam.


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