Civilians killed in eastern DR Congo rebel attack

Civilians killed in eastern DR Congo rebel attack

Several civilians have been killed by rebel fighters in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), according to the country’s army and civil society groups.

A spokesman for the DRC army told the AFP news agency that “more than a dozen” people have been killed in Saturday’s attack, while the Red Cross put the death toll at 24.

The Kivu Security Tracker (KST), which monitors violence in the region via a team of experts on the ground, said at least 27 civilians have died.

The killings took place in a village in the Beni region in North Kivu province, army spokesperson Anthony Mualushayi told AFP.

“We heard bullets at dawn in the village of Beu Manyama. When we arrived, it was already too late because the enemy ADF had already killed more than a dozen of our fellow citizens with machetes,” he said.

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have been accused of killing thousands of civilians in DRC’s troubled east.

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Author: North Kivu , DR Congo

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