It is sad when protectors become molesters

It is sad when protectors become molesters

Dear nephew Milambo Greetings from Dar es Salaam My dear nephew, I hope that by the grace of Limatunda you and your family are doing okay, and I hope too that all the people of my beloved Ukumbisiganga are also fine.

I hope that the ancestors have been watching over you and your family and all the people who matter to you and your family. Here in the city things are not bad, we thank Liwelelo because his protection has been watching over us and guiding us from harm.

Right now apart from suffering from extreme heat, this city is now engulfed in very heavy dust, because it seems the gods of rain have taken a vacation and forgotten all about us. Just the other day your aunt suffered from serious flu, and I know it is because of the dust which is now driving us crazy, and you know that your dear aunt has a very sensitive nose.

Last night I think her nose came into contact with a fine dust from within the house, and she started sneezing like a crazy mfumu who is communicating with the spirits, and it reminded me of that great mfumu Kalimanzira in our beloved Ukumbisiganga, who used to sneeze like a faulty generator any time he contacted the spirits.

Right now she is okay, although the medication she took sometimes makes her drowsy, so she rests most of the time, but in general she is okay. I know that your new baby is almost due, and your aunt was telling me that she should start preparations to come over so that she can be there when the baby arrives.

She told me also that your son fell from a tree and broke his arm, and I told her that because the boy has the blood of a Nyamwezi, he will be okay. You see son, things like those are the ones which shape a boy into becoming a man, so you should never be worried when something like that happens, actually you should be worried if it doesn’t.

Last night we slept very late, after we were summoned to a neighbour’s house where the man of the house was caught red handed in their house girl’s bedroom. My dear son, it was a shameful act, and the worse thing is that the girl is barely 15 years old, and when she was grilled by the lady of the house, she confessed that it was not the first time the fellow has done that.

You see son, I know that what the man did was not a good thing, but I believe that wisdom should have come into play on how to handle it, because that was the same as putting your dirty linen in public. What happened is that after the lady caught her husband in the act, she went outside and started screaming her head off, telling anyone who cared to listen what her husband has done.

It is fortunate that one of the neighbours calmed her down and told her that it was not advisable drying her dirty linen in plain daylight, and she requested that we should be summoned to her house so that we can solve the problem.

Of course the scared little girl confessed that the man of the house threatened to send her back to the village if she opened her mouth and told anyone about what he was doing.

Looking at the man, I could see that apart from the fact that he was caught in the act, he was not remorseful at all, and he even had the guts of trying to blame his wife for his behaviour.

My dear son, it is unfortunate that things like this happen every time, and it is also unfortunate that nothing much is done by the society, leaving the poor creatures suffering in silence. In most cities and towns, it is sad that domestic workers face major problems, such as low wages, extra work, long working hours, lack of holidays, harassment, sexual exploitation, physical torture, ill treatment, lack of welfare facilities, absence of social security measures, lack of rest, development of fatigue and lack of freedom.

My dear son, most of these domestic workers are often not treated well by their employers, because despite the hard work they do, their employers often do not show them much respect.

Most domestic workers, like the girl at our neighbour’s, are survivors of domestic violence who are threatened to silence. My dear boy, it is often, especially in this city, employers take advantage of their vulnerabilities, simply because some are partially or totally orphaned and are desperate not to lose their source of income, and like that poor child, others come from extremely poor or dysfunctional families and have no one to turn to.

Anyway, as they say, that is life, but I usually feel very bad when I notice someone taking advantage of another person simply because they can, I hope their ancestors roast them over their evening fire when they join them.

My dear boy, let me stop here because I can hear your aunt calling from inside, and I know she has been wondering why I have disappeared for a long time, she does not know that I was smoking my pipe before I started writing to you. I bought a very nice shirt for you last week when I took your aunt shopping, and I know it will fit you perfectly, just like the trouser I bought for you when I came for Christmas.

Please greet my people in my beloved village, and give special greetings to your family, I hope the ancestors will be watching over you.


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