Solicitors told to shun corruption

Solicitors told to shun corruption

CONSTITUTIONAL and Legal Affairs Minister, Mr Damas Ndumbaro has challenged government solicitors to denounce corruption in the quest of dispensing justice.

Dr Ndumbaro, who was lowering the curtain on a special training on enhancing professional competence of state attorneys, noted that legal practitioners are at the mercy of corrupt individuals who would easily buy justice and infringe the rights of other people.

“Yours is a very tempting profession as far as corruption is concerned, you must therefore tread carefully lest you become victims,” counselled the minister.

Dr Ndumbaro further insisted that judiciary had no place for corruption, noting that receiving bribes was tantamount to compromising justice.

According to Dr Ndumbaro, legal practitioners must possess outstanding qualities that would set them apart distinctively from other members of the society. He equally challenged more than 600 solicitors to strive to advise the government well, as the country braces for investment opportunities through the Royal Tour documentary.

“The film comes with a lot of investment opportunities from multinationals, it is imperative you offer the government, supportive services as we gleefully wait for them,” he said.

The minister had in the same vein, challenged the Solicitor General to establish a database and summary of all cases that the country was and is involved in. The move, according to the Minister will help the Office of The Solicitor General revisit some of the past decisions and outcomes from the cases that Tanzania got embroiled in.

Speaking earlier, Solicitor General, Mr Gabriel Malata informed the minister that his office had rescued more than 10tri/- through government cases. According to Mr Malata, this includes recovering the Air Tanzania Company Limited airplane that was impounded by South African authorities.

“We’ve also recovered more than 106 farms and estates back to the government,” added the solicitor general.

The reestablishment of the Office of the Solicitor General was part of the fifth phase initiative to reform public service with a view of enhancing quality delivery of public service. Such a move aimed to provide timely and efficient handling of all government cases which before that, by virtue of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977 as amended and the Office of the Attorney General (Discharge of Duties) Act No. 4 of 2005 were entrusted to the Attorney General.


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