TZ has 2,147 pre-independence primary schools, Bunge told

TZ has 2,147 pre-independence primary schools, Bunge told

THE government said there are some 2,147 pre-independence primary schools, most of which are in poor condition.

Following the trend, the government has underscored the need to conduct full assessment in all primary schools in the country to see their status and take proper measures.

The Deputy Minister of State, in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr David Silinde said they are conducting assessment in all primary schools in the country to establish the state of infrastructure and carry out the needful repair.

Mr Silinde told the National Assembly that infrastructure of the schools are in a mixed state as some are dilapidated while others have fairly good infrastructure.

The deputy minister made the statement in response to a question asked by the Special Seats MP, Neema Mwandabila (CCM), who had wanted to know when the government would start renovation of schools in Ileje and Mbozi districts

“When shall the government renovate these primary schools with broken down infrastructure?” she asked, adding that the schools were built before independence.

In response, the deputy minister noted that many schools in the country will be renovated under the new World Bank-supported programme that aims to make preprimary and primary education better and more accessible across the country.

He said that it is estimated that more than 12 million children in mainland will benefit from the 500-million US dollar programme, dubbed BOOST, aimed at making Tanzania primary schools safer, more inclusive and child friendly.

The programme also aimed to enhance teachers’ subject content knowledge and pedagogical competencies, and strengthen education finance and decentralised service delivery capacity.

“The overall goal is to ensure that we have an education system that supports all children, including the most marginalised, to enroll early, develop strong foundational skills, and complete a quality education’ said the Deputy Minister

He noted that the assessment to establish the state of the primary schools started on 2nd April, 2022 and is expected to end in July, 2022.

“The government will continue renovating old schools in the country as the budget allows,” noted the deputy minister.

However, Silinde explained that the outcome of the assessment will be used in preparation of the five-year plan on development and renovation of old schools (2021/2022-2025/2026).


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