With Ihefu, DTB on course,  new league season can tell all

With Ihefu, DTB on course, new league season can tell all

WELCOME aboard Ihefu and DTB sports clubs after your entry into the top flight league and the football family is anxiously waiting to see how you challenge others in a race for the throne or survival.

For DTB, this happens to be their maiden appearance in the top flight league and they have already been branded as a team to watch in the coming season.

Indeed, for them to reach this far, it was not a simple task as they had to endure difficult fixtures accompanied by unfriendly pitches which do not support smooth flow of the ball, but they clung to their objective and won promotion at the end.

The same applies to Ihefu, who for them, is a different story as they already know how it feels to play in the top flight league after enjoying the experience once as such; this is their second spell.

It will be unconvincing though if they will again be relegated at the end of the next season and this will attract many questions than answers from the football family, expecting Ihefu to be among the best performers next term.

All eyes will be on these two teams to prove they are ripe for the Premiership, since playing in the league comes with its own price and the best remedy to achieve great success is nothing less than winning matches.

Without doubt, both teams have invested wisely in their respective squads which played a key role in making them outshine other teams in the Championship league and here they are heading to dine on the same table with the big guns. This goes a long way to believe that success in football is all about having bumper investment that makes sure that players, who are key stakeholders in this game, are properly registered and taken care of.

It should be known that for them to sweat on the pitch for 90 minutes or so in each match is not just for fun, but rather they do that to get something to run their own lives and families, hence when their minds are settled, you will get the best from them.

The problem emerges when players are ignored and not being supported enough, by giving them what they sweat for. Football is no longer an amateur sport, but a source of employment and income which is transforming lives of many people.

However, football being age determinant, it is time for players to also make good future plans of what they intend to do once they hang up their boots in order to be able to survive well off the pitch, a thing which should be highly encouraged and taken into consideration.

There are many great footballers in the country who did well in those years, but then, the sport was not embracing massive investment like it is today that is why most of them could not manage to plan well their future so, they can at least be pardoned.

But, for players of this generation, they must learn how to invest for their future putting into consideration that most of them are able to generate good money from the teams they serve so when they turn old they should be rolling outside the beautiful game on the earth.

Now, as the country’s league continues to make major steps ahead, there is a strong urge for stakeholders to have an eye into the Championship and First leagues (FD) contests where not much attention is directed.

These two areas are critical in fostering the growth of football in the country because all teams which trade in the top flight league were once playing there before graduating, meaning that the more attention is directed to them, the better the Premier League becomes.

Sponsors are heavily needed to pour funds in the both Championship and FD leagues which to a large extent will spur up the level of competition, since as already indicated, many teams fail to shine because of weak financial muscles and not due to lack of talented players.

Tanzania is endowed with skilled footballers who can make it big when given good platform to shine but as a result of financial constraints, these talented youths fade easily with nobody to tap them.

For instance, at present, people are talking about the competitiveness nature of NBC Premier League which is slowly heading down to its finishing line and this toughness has not come by incident but rather because of investment made by Azam Media Limited plus NBC themselves.

Kudos to them because they have brightened football by giving it deserved respect no wonder the domestic league is in the top ten on the continent basing on its competitive nature.

All teams on the log are getting their packages from the sponsors which are channeled to cater for various bills incurred by the respective sides.

Yes, this is something commendable and the same gesture should be directed to these lower leagues to advance their competition levels so that the quality found in the Premier League should be the genuine one.

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