TPA performance  delights legislators

TPA performance delights legislators

MEMBERS of Parliament have expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) in revenue collection and expansion of country’s ports, which in turn significantly increased cargo volume.

Contributing on the budget estimates for the Ministry of Works and Transport, Korogwe- Rural MP Timotheo Mzava (CCM) said that for more than six years TPA has been setting a target of collecting 1tri/- in a single financial year, but it has never been realised that.

“The ministry budget tabled today (yester- day) showed that the authority has collected nearly 900bn/- by April this year …I am confident that TPA can meet its target for the first time this year with addition of revenue which will be collected in May and June this year,” he said.

He said that TPA is doing a great job, adding that the sector is vital for revenue and growth of the country’s economy.

The lawmaker also commended TPA for expansion of Tanga Port, urging it to come up with a strategy which will increase the volume of on-transit cargo.

“There is no reason for sisal produced in Korogwe to be transported by vehicles to Dar es Salaam … it is high time for TPA to continue promoting the port to boost its performance,” he said.

Ukonga MP Jerry Silaa also commended President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her commitment to continue re- leasing fund for development projects among others expansion of country ports.

He said that the funds have enabled TPA to carry out expansion of various ports in the country and improving the performance of the ports.

“TPA under Director Genera Eric Hamissi is doing a great job of improving service delivery at the country ports especially Dar Port,” he said.

He called upon MPs to continue supporting the government in execution of various development proj- ects which are crucial for development of the country’s economy.

Special Seats MP Tauhida Gallos (CCM) said TPA has improved ports’ efficiency by expanding market through advertisements.

“The DG is working hard to ensure efficiency at the country ports, but he should also learn from other coun- tries on areas which they have succeeded in order to be more efficient.”

Tabling the budget estimates for the Ministry of Works and Transport Prof Makame Mbarawa said that expansion of Dar Port has enabled the facility to receive the largest vessel ever carrying 4,397 vehicles.

He said that the government will continue to improve ports efficiency in or- der to attract more local and foreign customers.

Receiving the vessel on May 9th this year, Prof Mbarawa said that efforts pumped in by the government in funding improvements at the port are bearing fruits.

“Previously the port used to receive vessels with capacity of transporting 500 to 700 vehicles but it can now receive more than 4000 vehicles on board …. These are huge achievements,” he said.

According to reports, cargo volume at Dar es Salaam Port has grown by 21per cent recently and dropped by 6 per cent in the neigbouring Mombasa Port of Kenya.

Increase of cargo volume at Dar port is attributed to move by Uganda and Rwanda to divert more cargo to Dar es Salaam.


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