Mwinyi lauds Goa community’s contribution to development

Mwinyi lauds Goa community’s contribution to development

ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi has expressed appreciation to the Goa Community of Zanzibar, for their contribution to the development of the country, including improving social services.

In a meeting held at the Zanzibar State House on Saturday, Dr Mwinyi informed the Goa community leadership led by its Chairman, Amanda Demello that the government will continue working closely with the community for the betterment of all citizens.

“Goa Community in Zanzibar, like other communities, has played a major role in supporting the government through various development activities, including trade and investment,” Dr Mwinyi said.

President Mwinyi stressed that the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar will continue to work with the community to ensure it effectively implements its activities, including its spiritual services with the same purpose of promoting peace and stability.

He explained that the visit by Goa leaders to the State House presented an opportunity to talk about various issues, including challenges they face as well as to further enhance the historical relationship and cooperation that exists between the government and the community.

Commenting on the issue of thugs, untrained and unauthorised tour guides who have been harassing visitors at the Stone Town and other beaches in Zanzibar, Presi- dent Mwinyi explained that deliberate efforts will be made through a special task force of the Tourism Auxiliary Police to contain the incidents.

Dr Mwinyi also explained the efforts taken by the government to review Zanzibar's education system, so that it can make a significant difference and meet the cur- rent demand of technological change.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Goa Community in Zanzibar, Demello, thanked President Mwinyi for giving the community the opportunity to meet him and exchange ideas.

He explained a brief history of the Goa which was established in Zanzibar in the 18th century.

The chairman used the opportunity to highlight the challenges facing their com- munity, including lack of land to set up headquarters, as is the case with the same community in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Nairobi, Tanga and Mombasa.

"Goa Community in Zanzibar has high hope with President Mwinyi as the progress made in his short time in office indicates he is committed to overcome challenges facing people," the Goa leader said.

Author: DAILYNEWS Reporter in Zanzibar


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    Francisco Da Costa

    I congratulate the Goans from Zanzibar on shedding light on the many achievements of Goans in Zanzibar. Goan doctors, teachers, and civil servants have served Zanzibar and the former Sultans as best they could. With the revolution - Zanzibar is witnessing a new beginning, and the Revolutionary government - has offered Goans opportunities; I am confident Goans will stand tall and represent. Goans all over East Africa, Canada, the UK, Europe, and the United States contribute their best. Today I live in San Francisco - I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I appreciate the gesture of the Revolutionary government - to reach out to everyone - to bring prosperity and address quality of life issues. In this endeavor, Goans will excel, and the people of Zanzibar will be honored.

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