Mo Dewji gets honorary doctorate from Georgetwon University

Mo Dewji gets honorary doctorate from Georgetwon University

Tanzania’s richest man, Mohammed “Mo” Dewji, on Friday received a new title --doctor.

The businessman received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from Georgetown University’s and Georgetown McDonough School of Business President John J. DeGioia for his social activities.

The most famous business man in the country was given the honor during Georgetown University’s commencement ceremony where he delivered a speech and advised graduates to focus on searching for the purpose of life by devoting themselves to community activities.

“The world is never about you, but it should always concern you. Once we embrace the reality that the outcomes in our lives are truly in the hands of others, we become motivated to understand each other. We become better stewards of our community. By clearing paths for others, we find our own.” The billionaire said.

Addressing the 776 undergraduates and 330 graduates in the McDonough School of Business Class of 2022 he stressed on the importance of students to conquer their fears in life and be determined to leave a legacy in the community.

“Whose lives can you touch? Search your heart for the answer. If you combine that curiosity with the knowledge you’ve gained in your time here, then the world will be yours to shape. May you shine bright, conquer your fears, and leave a positive legacy on your communities,” Mr Dewji told the graduates.

Two decades ago Mohammed Dewji crossed the stage at Georgetown University’s commencement ceremony and returned home to East Africa, Tanzania and transformed his father’s business into the largest homegrown company in East and Central Africa, MeTL Group.

He became a politician and invested personal profits into public development in support of the Tanzanian people. He founded the Mo Dewji Foundation to give back in service to others.

Mr Dewji is also the main sponsor of Simba SC and was also granted an honorary Presidency in the club by the club.


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