Pre-service education boosts teaching confidence

Pre-service education boosts teaching confidence

PRE Service Education offered in more than 190 health colleges in the country has increased teaching confidence in teachers.

The programme is also expected to boost students’ performance as the education received provided teachers with methods and techniques of imparting knowledge to students.

The PSE program is one of the components of the Momentum Country and Global Leadership (MCGL) project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The MCGL project was implemented by an international non-governmental organization- Jhpiego in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

National Health Training Coordinator Issa Mmbaga from the Ministry of Health said recently that the project has been beneficial to the colleges because it has brought great outcomes within a short time.

He said that PSE did not focus only on teaching but it has also improving teaching infrastructure, quality of teachers, training guidelines among others.

“Through this project we managed to train trainers of trainees on various issues such as teaching methodology... through the ministry’s training zones teachers had an opportunity to be trained and went to train other teachers in every zone,” he said.

Mr Mmbaga said every zone benefited from the training through the trainers who received the training. He explained that most of the teachers who are being employed were coming direct from the colleges thus they lacked education on how they can practice the profession thus through the project they managed to build their teaching capacity.

Mr Mmbaga further said that, through the programme they have also reviewed various guidelines such as teaching guidelines as well as purchasing skills lab Equipment which are essential for practical studies.

“Ministry of Health has a total of 193 health colleges and all were benefited from the project because every college had an opportunity of being sponsored,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries of the PSE at Dodoma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences (DIHAS), Saliath Ntamubano said that the programme had benefited not only her institution but also the central zone in general.

She said that before the project, teachers were facing challenges on how they could teach students but after the training majority of teachers have increased confidence in their career for example giving feedback to students. As Trainer of Trainees, she said the training focused on teachers who have been employed, because there are teachers who receive this education while in colleges while others are employed directly from their respective colleges.

“This project has helped teachers who missed such opportunity to improve their career performance,” she said. She said during the training teachers learn various issues such as curriculum orientation, how to provide assignments to students, how to differentiate project and field work.

Ms Ntamubano said that the PSE programme has been beneficial to teachers and has motivated more of them to seek for the opportunity. She said as trainer of trainees, she had an opportunity to train teachers in Eastern Zone.

She further said that although the PSE programme has come to an end, some teachers were still in need of the training. She said besides making her college known , the project can also help to increase income sources by making those who need the service to contribute for the training.


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