TPA maps 348`dumb’ ports in Lake Victoria

TPA maps 348`dumb’ ports in Lake Victoria

Tanzania Port Authority (TPA) has mapped out some 348 ‘dump’ ports in Lake Victoria with the intention of formalising them.

The idea behind the formalisation is to maximise their use , controlmovement of people and goods, because they are mostly used in smuggling of goods and deny the government its due revenue.

Making the revelation here on Thursday, TPA Head of Operations Department in Lake Zone, Mr Francis Mwanga, said that apart from mapping out the said unregistered ports, they are also in the process of first identifying five of them for speedy formalisation before end of next month.

“Theprocess starts at mapping of the dumb ports then identifying them and later formalising them using as per the laid down laws and regulations,” he told reporters.

In the course, the delegation visited some of the ports, which included Igabiro, Marehe, Kabindi, Rwazi, Nyamkazi, Ruhanga and Katunguru and Missenyi in Kagera region.

Mr Mwanga, however, saidmost of them are ferrying passengers and cargoes to and from various islands of Lake Victoria, while others are used by fishermen as landing camps.

Elaborating, he noted that the five dumb ports have passed the identification process and are now on the final phase of waitingfor some legal procedures before becoming formal ones and named as Nyehunge, Kamanga Ferry, Mkombozi A and B and Bijiri.

During the tour the ‘Daily News’ saw some activities in the port, including dhows engaging in fishing activities and the nationals urging TPA to also set up jetties in them so that passengers and cargoes get easyboarding and landing.

The Katunguru Village Executive Officer (VEO), Mr ElizeusTilwabahoile, said the construction of jetties ahead of formalising the ports will not only provide reliable landing and boarding, but also attract more dhows to ply ports.

“If improved the Katunguru port will trigger an increase in revenue collections, because it is one of the main exits for Lake Victoria fishing products,” Mr Tilwabahoile said.

He noted that several items including sugar, cooking oil, cement, and timberare shipped in through such dumb or unrecognized entry points, as well as taking out of the country some crops and minerals.

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Author: ABELA MSIKULA in Kagera

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