Govt vows to enhance internal auditors’ capacity

Govt vows to enhance internal auditors’ capacity

The government has pledged to enhance the capacity of Internal Auditors to ensure that they maintainrevenue control of the activities and in turn increase tax collections.

This was said by the Government Internal Auditor General, Mr Athumani Mbuttuka, while addressing an internal audit workshop organized by the Institute of Internal Audit (IIA)during the International Auditors' Awareness Day celebrations marked at the national level in TangaRegion, recently.

"The government will continue to raise the capacity of internal auditors including project audits," he said adding that the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr Mwigulu Nchemba has already instructed that whenever a project is designed within its institutions, funds should be allocated to enable the internal auditor to conduct audits.

At the same time Mr Mbuttuka challenged the private sector to ensure that they recognize the importance of internal auditors and build their capacities, so that they conduct systematic audits effectively, with internationally recognised certificates.

"We call upon the private sector to ensure that it builds the capacity of their auditors to conduct systematic audits effectively, with recognised certificates," said Mr Mbuttuka.

“The government had identified the shortcomings identified by the Office of the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) and what could be done to reduce suspicion within their institutions,” said Mr Mbuttuka.

During the workshop, Mr Mbuttuka urged the auditors to work in accordance with international norms and standards, so they have every reason to increase their knowledge for the benefit of the institution and the nation as a whole.

He also said that, the government introduced many revenue collection systems that contributed to the control of financial mismanagement, besides facilitating the smooth running of its operations.

On another side a Chairperson of the IIA Board, Ms ZeliaNjeza, said the audit institute is joining other auditors around the world to celebrate this month of internal auditors, and plans to celebrate more differently by ensuring that we build the capacity of internal auditors.

Ms Njeza said, despite the capacity building of their members, they were more focused on joining and celebrating the success of their audit within the institutions in which they operate.

She also said that there is still a challenge of understanding the work of internal auditors in the community, adding that this challenge is not only in the Tanzanian community but also in other countries.

Ms Njeza said this opportunity gives us a chance to educate our stakeholders on the importance of internal auditors and what to expect from their work, noting that educating stakeholders is important, because if they do not know what we are doing they may be reluctant to even demand the officers’ services," he said.

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