DUCE innovates cement production from waste

DUCE innovates cement production from waste

WITH the increased cost of building materials, the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) has innovated alternative cement, produced through the use of abandoned waste clay and agro-wastes.

Speaking at the Innovation Week at the Jamhuri Stadium here, Dr Aldo Kitalike, the innovator of the technology, said they came up with the formula to produce construction materials including blocks,  marble, tiles and roads at the cheapest cost.

The technology that has attracted majority of visitors, is expected to create more than 500,000 employment opportunities as they intend to establish centres in different areas countrywide.

With the increasing demand, Dr Kitalika said they have ordered machines from Turkey for massive production of cement.

“It is a relief for the small and middle income people who can now construct houses at a low cost,” said Dr Kitalika.

He noted that plans were underway to engage the government through the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government),  so that they apply the technology in the construction and repair of rural roads.

 “The government is undertaking infrastructure projects including roads; and among other ingredients are gravel and cement but during the rains they are being washed away, but we will have a mixture of respective site clay, crushed stone and alternative Portland cement to address the challenge,” he assured.

Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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