Bunge passes 2.7tri/- defence ministry budget with JKT in focus

Bunge passes 2.7tri/- defence ministry budget with JKT in focus

THE Parliament has endorsed 2.7tr/- budget for the Defence and National Service ministry for the 2022/23 financial year, outlining a number of priorities.

Among top priorities is to build capacity and develop infrastructures of the National Service (JKT) to accommodate more youths for skills development.

Tabling her ministry’s estimates on Thursday, Minister Stergomena Tax said they put more weight in empowering the JKT as a strategy to beef up efforts to address unemployment.

"We will keep on improving JKT capacity building by increasing its infrastructures so that it can accommodate more youth and impart them with the knowledge on patriotism, life skills, vocational and technical skills," said Dr Tax.

The Minister said in the current financial year, a total of 25,503 youth were enrolled to the National Service countrywide.

She insisted on the need for the youth to deploy the skills attained for undertaking various personal projects.

Moreover, she said, the JKT will also be facilitated so that its agricultural and livestock projects could increase productivity to produce enough food and sell the surplus.

According to the endorsed budget, the National Service has an allocation of almost 425.7bn/-for recurrent expenditure in the 2022/23 financial year.

She outlined other priority areas as purchase of military weapons and equipment that align with the technological and communication advancement in a bid to improve the Defense force working environment.

She added that the ministry would also conduct research and technological innovation for production of goods and services for the defense forces and the public.

The ministry will also intensify bilateral relationship with the international, continental and regionalorganisations in the areas of defense and security.

The ministry has also expressed commitment for close collaboration with public authorities in course of calamities during emergencies.

Reading speech of the Parliamentary Standing for Foreign Affairs, Peace and Security, the committee member, Mr Joseph Mkundi, called for timely disbursement of the allocated funds for timely implementation of the projects.

The Committee told the ministry to set aside 9.5bn/- for leveling 2500 acre for the JKT agricultural projects and purchase irrigation equipment for smooth implementation of the projects.

The committee further advised the government to fast track the completion of the National Defence Policy.

Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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