Meatu DC, Helvetas to plant 16,000 trees in Simiyu

Meatu DC, Helvetas to plant 16,000 trees in Simiyu

IN a bid to continue protecting native vegetation and adapt to climate change, Meatu District Council and Helvetas Tanzania, a non-governmental organization, plan to plant more than 16,000 trees in Simiyu region.

Native vegetation is an assemblage of plants in a specific place or region that has adapted to environmental and biological conditions. Native vegetation is typically dominated by native plant species but may include non-native plants or naturalized plants.

MrFaustine Daniel, the Meatu District Environmental Officer explained that they were implementing projects to facilitate placement and lending, organic farming as well as environmental protection in two regions in the country.

He said through the organic farming project being implemented in Simiyu region they are partnering with Alliance Ginnery and GIZ to implement an organic farming project in their area by planting trees to restore natural vegetation for implementing organic farming activities without the use of fertilizers or industrial chemicals.

"Organic farming needs natural vegetation, the products produced do not require industrial fertilizers or chemicals, so we take care of the environment by planting trees, our fellow Alliance Ginnery teaches farmers on organic farming," he said.

He explained that inSimiyu region, the project is being implemented in Meatu district in Kisesa and Lubigaadministrative wards and they expect to plant 16,715 trees in public institutions and each citizen will be given five trees for free.

"The aim is to improve the environment in public institutions, restore the natural vegetation and create a sustainable environment... we focus on public institutions because they have the human resources to take care of the trees," he said.

Mr Daniel explained that by allocating five trees per household, a total of 2343 households will plant trees and will continue to monitor the growth of the trees because the project is being implemented over a period of three years.

He said they have met with the people through village meetings to form village environmental committees and that the members of those committees have been good ambassadors of tree planting.

He explains that the committees have helped them reach public institutions including schools, clinics, mosques and churches and that so far every citizen is involved in planting trees in their homes and institutions.

Meatu District Environmental Officer, MrThomas Shishwa thanked the development partners for planting trees in the district and urged the people to support the efforts by planting trees in their areas.

Through the Helvetas Tanzania Environmental Conservation Project, stakeholders and citizens are urged to plant trees to address climate change that is causing serious harm to humans, animals and plants.

Author: FRANK AMAN in Simiyu

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