Scores to benefit from SBL’s online responsible drinking education

Scores to benefit from SBL’s online responsible drinking education

Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL), a subsidiary of Diageo is changing the way people view and consume alcohol. It pioneered the DRINKiQ e-learning tool, a timely reaction to the growing challenge of excessive alcohol consumption. 

DrinkiQ is a global consumer campaign that began in London, the headquarters of Diageo which is British global beverage giant and has now expanded to numerous Diageo territories, including Tanzania, stressing characteristics such as age and gender that influence how the body processes alcohol.

The DRINKiQ e-learning tool was created to give consumers with the information they need to make healthy decisions about drinking responsibly and to dispel alcohol myths.

"DRINKiQ e-learning is the next step in SBL's commitment to assisting its consumers in making educated drinking decisions." 

We have been giving face-to-face DRINKiQ training to groups around the country for the previous few years, but our strategy will now change owing to the current scenario," said the SBL's Corporate Relations Director John Wanyancha in Dar es Salaam recently.

The new, mobile-friendly, online tool is the first of its kind in the alcohol industry, using interactive learning and tests to give people information about the content of their drinks; how alcohol is made and the different ways it can impact their bodies; how to keep track of their alcohol intake; how to pour a standard measure of spirits, wine, or beer; and displays the "truth" about "common myths" concerning alcohol-among other things. 

The quiz is available in English and Kiswahili (https://www.drinkiq.com/quiz/en-tz/). 

He added, "We are quite happy of how well our DRINKiQ training has been received over the previous few years since our audiences have clearly demonstrated a genuine hunger for this type of information, which is why we decided to make DRINKiQ more broadly available by putting it online." 

This powerful, new online tool is meant to increase communal awareness about alcohol, allowing anybody, wherever in Tanzania and even beyond, to quickly become informed on what constitutes healthy, responsible drinking, and provides the tips they need to make the correct decisions when drinking."

Mr Wanyancha further said for those who choose to drink alcohol, the new DRINKiQ resource will help them to understand the units and calories in all types of alcoholic drinks and will show how each drink compares with others. 

“It is important for anyone who wants to better understand what they are drinking – and who seeks advice on drinking moderately and responsibly – to make smarter choices about what to drink and when,” he noted.

The corporate relations director notes that whilst a vast majority of consumers choose to drink responsibly, many others do not, adding that as a responsible citizen, SBL will continue to use its marketing and communication expertise to help raise awareness about responsible drinking to make a significant and sustainable impact in society.

Various studies have indicated that drinking moderately can be beneficial to your health. On the other hand, drinking excessively has a number of negative effects on your health and wellbeing. 

Understanding some important facts about alcohol is important for consumers to make the right decisions regarding alcohol consumption.

The US Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) also recommends DRINKiQ e-learning as a fun and easy-to-use way to learn about the effects of drinking, which can help people use alcohol in a safe way.

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