Samia’s political acumen lauded

Samia’s political acumen lauded

POLITICAL pundits have described President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s frequent engagements with leaders of opposition parties as a right move in strengthening democracy and enhancing Tanzania’s good governance credibility in the global arena.

The engagements and dialogues with opposition political parties are also crucial for boosting local and foreign investors’ confidence in Tanzania since President Samia has on several occasions advocated for reconciliation, justice and peace, the analysts remarked.

The analysts made the observations during separate telephone interviews with the ‘Daily News’, stressing that the sixth phase government has positioned itself towards political reconciliation and national unity.

“The former President of Tanzania Ali Hassan Mwinyi once said that every generation comes with its new chapter and this is true with the current regime,” an analyst and lecturer at the University of Dodoma (UDOM), Dr Paul Loisulie, remarked.

Dr Loisulie observed that the meetings between Ms Samia and leaders of political parties play a crucial role in cooling down tensions in politics and eventually creating cohesion among leaders and citizens across the political divide.

“President Samia has demonstrated that her government is determined to reconcile the country through dialogues with leaders and other political stakeholders in the country,” the analyst stated.

Since assuming power on March 17, last year, Ms Samia has held various one-on-one meetings with National Chairman of Chadema, Mr Freeman Mbowe, whom she met twice as well as National Chairman of Civic United Front (CUF), Prof Ibrahim Lipumba.

Speaking after meeting President Samia on Monday, Prof Lipumba was confident that the Tanzanian leader is keen on engaging all political players to improve democracy in the country.

Ms Samia has also met and held talks with National Chairman of ACT-Wazalendo, Mr Juma Duni Haji, as well as the First Vice-President of the RevoGovernment of Zanzibar, Mr Othman Masoud Othman, who is also a member of ACT Wazalendo.

Mr Othman replaced the late Seif Sharif Hamad who passed away in February last year after occupying the position through the Government of National Unity (GNU) formed between the ruling CCM and ACT-Wazalendo after the General Election in 2020. “President Samia is doing extremely well since Mbowe’s political muscle is in Tanzania Mainland while ACT-Wazalendo is the leading opposition party in Zanzibar,” Dr Loisulie pointed out.

Another analyst, Mr Goodluck Ng’ingo, said engagement of President Samia with political stakeholders is an indicator of enhanced democratic space in Tanzania.

“The meetings show that democracy in Tanzania is flourishing since the constitution of the land also recognizes multi-party democracy. Even in the parliament we have a shadow government which draws its members from opposition parties,” he stated.

Mr Ng’ingo elaborated that if Tanzania is to amend or review its constitution at present the process will be regarded as inclusive since it would have encompassed views from other political parties rather than the ruling party on its own.

For his party, an expert and analyst on economic diplomacy, Prof Kitojo Wetengere, much as he appreciated the dialogues as a sign of improved democracy in Tanzania, he stressed that there is no standard definition of democracy in the world.

“Sometimes, the developed countries tend to use democracy as propaganda to impose their issues on developing nations but in reality, there is no standard definition of democracy,” he explained.

However, Prof Wetengere expressed concerns that some political leaders had boycotted a crucial meeting organized by the Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD), arguing it was not a good sign for improved democracy and reconciliation.

“One question is clear here: Are those parties which shun the TCD meetings going to agree with recommendations of the organ?” he queried, stressing that the democracy of any country should be shaped according to the situation and environment of the respective nation.

from meeting with leaders of political parties, Ms Samia has also met with religious leaders, elders, women, youth and representatives of civil society organizations in addition to people with disabilities.


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