Tz pledges stronger cooperation with UN members

Tz pledges stronger cooperation with UN members

VICE President Philip Mpango on Tuesday said that Tanzania is committed to cooperating with all other UN member countries to restore global peace and re-energize the global economy and national growth momentum.

He made the remarks in Dar es Salaam during the launch of the 2022-2027 United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) for Tanzania.

Dr Mpango said Tanzania holdS the view that diplomacy, engagement and multilateralism as well as a drive for job creation, adding that shared growth must be at the centre of these efforts.

"Tanzania like the rest of the world has experienced a slow down in its progress toward achieving national targets and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mainly due to Covid-19 and other global development challenges such as climate change and the Russia-Ukraine war," he said.

He added," We, therefore, welcome the UN's role in promoting this spirit in this interdependent world, as we champion the global agenda of empowering women and girls, strengthening national governance systems, building resilience, and working with countries on climate change mitigation and adaptation while pursuing inclusive development,".

Tanzania has launched its first UNSDCF following the global reforms of the UN Development System initiated by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

This framework will start in July 2022 and end in June 2027. All UN agencies will participate in its implementation.

Dr Mpanngo further said that the government is pleased with the transition from siloed planning and financing to a coherent framework that focuses on national needs, with enhanced accountability for results, mutual accountability for efficiency, and joint monitoring and reporting on impact. The government does not doubt that the UN can deliver the framework.

"I am also optimistic that the new framework will support the country's objectives to increase productivity and incomes, achieve decent employment and hasten the growth momentum and overall socio-economic transformations of Tanzania for the prosperity of all citizens," he noted.

The VP also stated that the government was pleased with UN Secretary-General Guterres' reforms of the UN development system and endorsed the first UNSDCF.

He said it was gratifying to note the shift in focus from development assistance to development cooperation so as to achieve national priorities and global goals.

The UN Resident Coordinator, Mr Zlatan Milisic, thanked the government for sustained cooperation in designing the framework and emphasized that the UNSDCF was developed with the underlying principle of leaving no one behind, which aims to ensure that the most vulnerable and marginalized groups are prioritized.

"I thank the government and the development community in Tanzania for being with us every step of the way in formulating the UNSDCF," said Mr Milisic.

He said the launch comes at an important time with just eight years remaining to achieve the SDGs and Agenda 2030. The UN will continue working closely with Tanzania to deliver the commitments agreed to in the UNSDCF and count on the support of all partners in its implementation.

According to him, the UNSDCF has focused on four priority areas; people, planet, prosperity and enabling environment, these areas were developed based on an analysis of Tanzania's development landscape and where the UN is best positioned to leverage its comparative advantages.

The strategic priority areas of the UNSDCF were developed based on an analysis of Tanzania's development landscape and where the UN is best positioned to leverage its comparative advantages to accelerate progress on national development priorities and the SDGs. These areas include strengthening social services empowering women and girls; transforming the economy; strengthening national governance systems; building resilience and assisting with climate change adaptation among others.

The implementation of the framework will be through Joint Work Plans (JWPs) agreed with government ministries and agencies and executed with a range of implementing partners.


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