Emulate religious leaders' good conducts, Mwinyi urges

Emulate religious leaders' good conducts, Mwinyi urges

PRESIDENT Hussein Mwinyi has urged members of the public to follow life and teachings of former Chief Kadhi of Zanzibar, the late Al Habib Ahmad Bin Summait to reinforcing social unity and stability.

"We want a stable and decent community and country with well behaving children. We should learn from religious leaders' practices and lifestyle and teachings such as the life of late Chief Kadhi of Zanzibar Al Habib Ahmad Bin Summait who taught and published many books," Mwinyi said at the special prayer in memory of the late Summait who died hundred years ago.

The prayers (Hawli) in marking the 100th anniversary of late Sheikh Summait's death was held here on last Sunday at the Malindi grant Mosque, Stone Town, which was attended by prominent religious leaders from different countries and government leaders led by Dr Mwinyi.

In his speech, Zanzibar President explained that the deceased taught and led various institutions both local and foreign, which enabled Zanzibar to continue to be the hub of Muslim scholars, contributing to the development of the world.

Dr Mwinyi said Sheikh Alhabib Ahmad Bin Summait was a role model in writing books, thus urged preachers and other scholars to ensure that they apply the knowledge they have to write and publish books.

He said the Late Summait wrote books as well as did translations.

His works were used by many different scholars and his knowledge and publications enabled him to receive gifts and awards and became popular worldwide.

"His life, his efforts in pursuing and teaching Islamic education, his contributions to good leadership, his conduct are all of great importance for the Muslims not only in Zanzibar but around the world.

"I encourage clerics and religious scholars, and academicians in various fields to emulate this example of late Summait. Writing of books plays a major role in the development of education as well as gives reputation to the author's country," said Alhaj Dr Mwinyi.

In addition, he said, the work of translating the Holy Quran by other scholars such as Sheikh Abdullah Saleh al-Farsy; and Sheikh Al-Barwani; and other Zanzibari played a great role in teaching the Qur'an among Swahili-speaking Muslims.

He said that leaders should learn to lead and manage the responsibilities entrusted on them while adhering to integrity and accountability as the Late Summeit did during his era.

Dr Mwinyi stressed the need for promoting Zanzibar so that it attracts more Muslim and non-Muslim visitors/tourists while highlighting the need to learn from other countries such as Turkey that have been able to make the best use of its history of Islam to boost the country's economy through the tourism sector.

Giving the history of Alhabib Sayyid Ahmad Bin Sumait Sheikh Mudh hir Mudh hir Kulatein, he said that Summait comes from the clan of the Masharifu and the great scholars of Hadhramout in Yemen and his descendants come directly from the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), through the prophet's grandson Sayyidna Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib.

According to Kulatain, late Sheikh Summeit was born on January 17, 1861 A.D., Comoros, and was able to gain religious education in various countries around the world, as he joined Sheikh Muhammed Bin Omar Sheikh (Judah) to thank Dr Mwinyi on his great generosity to the guests since arrival in the country and supported all the preparations for the event.

Earlier Alhaj Dr. Mwinyi visited the tomb of Alhabib Sayyid Ahmad Bin Summait and prayed for him along with the other sheikhs, clerics and chief clerics from Comoros Islands, Kenya, Yemen, UK, and the United Arab Emirates, and the host Zanzibar/Tanzania.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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