DC warns shop owners of using hawkers to avoid taxes

DC warns shop owners of using hawkers to avoid taxes

Mkuranga District Commissioner, Khadija Nasri Ali, has warned some shop owners to stop tendency of selling goods through hawkers hence escaping taxes.

The DC said there has been a huge influx of traders  give part of their stocks to street vendors, ‘Machinga’ while others have established informal businesses dubbed ‘dumb businesses’ which which all centred on denying government of its revenue.

"There has been an increase in the establishment and growing of informal businesses in Mkuramga, this is as well coupled with presence of informal and unregistered industries,” Ms Khadija said when toured Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) during a taxpayer education campaign.

The seven-day campaign geared at promoting voluntary tax compliance in the district.

The DC called for TRA to ensure that it provides adequate tax education to all businesses and general members of the public, so that they can voluntarily pay their taxes properly and in a timely manner.

TRA Chief Tax Administration Officer, Mr Stephen Kauzeni said the aim of the campaign is to educate businesses owners and traders in the district, especially about formalizing their businesses, listening and finding solutions of their challenges.

Also, Mr Kauzen told traders to observe laws and regulations by issuing EFD receipts for every single transaction as well as encouraging the use of Electronic Tax Stamps were applicable.

"This campaign also looks at sensitising traders to ensure they protects consumers health by encourage them to verify of electronic tax stamps (ETS) are used as well as listening to their complaints and resolving them,” he said Kauzeni.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mkuranga

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