Relegation-promotion drift hits Mbeya

Relegation-promotion drift hits Mbeya

MBEYA region can field four envoys in the top flight league next season if Mbeya Kwanza and Tanzania Prisons shrug off relegation challenge at the end of this season.

Already with three teams, the promotion of Ihefu now gives Mbeya region four teams.

Ihefu have followed DTB who were the first Championship side to grab next season's Premier league ticket and the duo have been playing lungs out to fulfill their targets hard of which they have successfully accomplished.

One thing which is real in football prosperity is having massive investment both on and off the pitch plus setting up achievable short and long term goals of which both DTB and Ihefu had in their quest to win promotion.

The return of Ihefu into the Premier league next season was officially confirmed following their 1-0 win over Pan African at Highland Estates Stadium in Mbarali over the weekend which sealed their graduation to parade against big boys.

It was a sweet victory for them and have made a history of joining a class of few teams which managed to return into the premier league just one season after being relegated something which is rare to happen.

Most teams, after being shown an exit  in the top flight league, struggle a lot to come back instantly and most of them spend many seasons before resurfacing bearing in mind that to be promoted is difficult than to be face the relegation wrath.

Teams like Mbao, Ndanda, JKT Tanzania, Alliance and many others after being relegated, they are finding it hard to reappear in the top flight as their performances keep dropping.

As such; much credit to Ihefu coach Zuberi Katwila for going down with the team and bringing them back to compete at the country's highest football level making him to also be among few coaches to make the reputable feat.

He is among the well-respected football coaches in the country with vast experience about the beautiful game and all eyes will be on him to see how far he will navigate his side in the top flight league.

However, this is the moment for the new comers in the league to begin preparations for the next season and be able to bring qualities that millions of football passionate fans are eagerly waiting.

Also, it should be noted that the stronger the Championship is, the better the Premier League becomes and vice versa.

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