Transparency is the way forward

Transparency is the way forward

NON-STATE, not-for-profit, voluntary entities are formed by people in the social sphere that are separate from the State and the market. Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) represent a wide range of interests and ties.

They can include community-based organisations as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs). In the context of the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework, CSOs do not include business or for-profit associations.

On Friday, Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) marked its 10th anniversary celebration and the event was graced by President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Among issues that emerged was about transparency. On one hand CSOs complained about being legally obliged to be honest in their expenditure and funding sources, while the Head of State stressed about the necessity for the CSOs to be transparent.

It is important to observe transparency as President said, because being transparent translates to being trusted and respected. The CSOs get a lot of funding, especially from abroad but it is doubted about the use of the funds.

The CSOs get a lot of money, but the sources at times are not known, are not made transparent as well as the use of the funds. This is dangerous to the independence and security of the country as it could be some sort of money laundering.

It is necessary for the government to know where the money comes from, the reasons for dishing it to the CSOs and what actually is done on the ground.

All in all it should be for development of the country and its people. As President Samia said, it is pertinent that all CSOs work with the government and not fight against it.

If they have any demands, they should bring them to table and discuss with the government instead of going to the media, the streets and report to foreign governments.

We should be for a win-win situation; there should not be a war of words or conflict between the CSOs and the government and CSOs should know their rights but more so their obligations and the main word here is transparency. Transparency at work often translates into highly productive and effective organisations.

Encouraged transparency eliminates confusion and builds trust with managers and employees as well as benefactors, as one has to work towards establishing a healthy, happy and satisfying environment.

Transparency matters from the second one is in relationship of any kind and affects long-term relationships because it fosters a culture built on honesty, trust and open communications. Seeing as transparency is a must for any organisation.

Transparency is built upon the idea of sharing information openly with team members and government in order to benefit both.

Transparency takes many forms, such as sharing information, addressing issues or shortfall openly, or simply sharing open and honest feedback with the public.

Transparency is the practice of being open and honest with others, no matter how challenging it might be. For both personal and professional relationships to thrive, you need to eliminate the stigma that comes with being straightforward.

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