In memory of Wilson Kaigarula

In memory of Wilson Kaigarula

Dear Wilson, we were only kids when we first met at Bukongo Primary School, in Ukerewe.

None of us could tell then that in life, fate would propel us in the same direction, passion and love for journalism.

You excelled Will, rising to the position of Deputy Managing Editor of the state-owned Daily News and Sunday News.

As a leader, you always demonstrated both empathy and sympathy for your colleagues, qualities that drew many into your praiseworthy orbit of character.

Such is the friend and colleague that those of us who knew you, now mourn and grieve, consoled immensely by the calm assurance that you really rest in peace.

You held your pen loftily higher and wielded its power in mightier fashion than even generals could ever achieve by nuking communities. Yet, no sane person can dare accuse you or your writing of having ever tipped beyond the pale.

That is the Wilson Kaigarula we shall miss.

Luckily, we have your prose for solace. Just as in the same way that Generals never die (they only lay down their lives), so it is for you.

True, you have now gone the way of the ancestors, but in our shared faith as Christians, "the day of death is greater than the day of birth."

It's always: " Good Morning " for Generals.  Thus, I salute you: Good Morning General.

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