Mwinyi calls for Muslims' support for poor

Mwinyi calls for Muslims' support for poor

ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi on Friday challenged Muslims to use mosques to identify the needs of various groups of people within their localities.

Speaking at the official launch of Masjid Nuur Al-Rahman Mosque at Urban West region's Fuoni Kipungani suburb, Dr Mwinyi said around the worship houses, there are many deprived—orphans, elders and people with disabilities who need support.

The president said it's the responsibility of all Muslims to look for appropriate ways to help the needy.

"Let this mosque not be a mere worshiping house; it should be a place to identify the needs of the deprived wananchi of various groups and devise ways to help them," said the Isles leader.

He further underscored the need for the imposing mosque to be used to develop worshipers intellectually, referring to a rising awareness especially among youth who participated in various Madrasas during the just ended Holy month of Ramadan.

He reminded the Muslim believers of many evil acts—theft and drug abuse for instance—which require concerted efforts to address through meetings at the Mosque.

The president assured the area residents that their challenge of poor Ijitimai-Fuoni Kipungani road will be addressed soon.

He said the government will construct the road under the national project to build feeder roads, although the stretch was not initially included in the project.

The head of state ordered Urban West Regional Commissioner (RC) and Chairman of the Regional Defense and Security Committee Idrissa Kitwana Mustafa to address the security problem in the vicinity through construction of a police post.

The president assured that firm strategies are underway by Zanzibar Electricity Corporation to address the problem of low voltage at the area.

Zanzibar Chief Mufti Sheikh Saaleh Omar Kaab challenged worshipers to take care of the mosque and cooperate in worshiping, underscoring the need to pray for the building financier.

Earlier, the Mufti Secretary Sheikh Khalid Ali Mfaume expressed gratitude over the construction of the mosque, which he described as "Big, good and modern."

However, the mosque management decried a myriad of challenges that haunt the worshiping house. Reading the management statement, Sheikh Mohamed Suleiman cited poor roads, low electricity voltage and insecurity as the serious problems haunting the surrounding communities.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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