Barrick Bulyanhulu strives to promote women at workplace

Barrick Bulyanhulu strives to promote women at workplace

WOMEN are increasingly occupying senior positions at Barrick Bulyanhulu gold mine thanks to initiatives put in place to create equal opportunities at workplace.

“I am happy to note that the number of women employees at the Barrick Bulyanhulu Gold Mine is growing,” said Celina Gombanillah, a nurse at the Barrick Bulyanhulu Gold Mine Health Clinic who emerged the 2021 best worker.

She added, “Today as I walk around the mine site, I can easily see female employees in various departments, including engineering and geology. The number of women in senior management positions has also increased,” she said.

Nursing goes beyond just helping patients with their physical health as in many times nurses provide emotional support and care that goes beyond their job, said Ms Gombanillah who holds a diploma in nursing from Nkinga College in Tabora.

“Working on mining sites has given me the chance to take care of people from so many different countries. I can now use my diverse experiences to exceed the expectations set onto me,” she said.

Ms Gombanillah is described by colleagues as a committed, resilient, and dedicated employee. She is a result-driven team player who sets an example for everyone. Her department head, Dr Said Kudra, said “…her flexibility and resilience has helped patients receive timely care even in odd hours.

She constantly goes above and beyond what is expected of her in her day-to-day assignments. She is the person that any leader aspires to have on their team, and she symbolises the best of what we can and should strive to become,” Dr Kudra adds. She embraces Barrick’s values, as they strive to offer equal opportunities in the workplace.

With the company’s large investment in training and modern technological equipment, Celina has acquired the knowledge to use modern medical services and apparatuses in her work.

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