Striving for others is her passion

Striving for others is her passion

There are many people who are always on the frontline of hunting for their dreams, but there are few who use the same energy to elevate others.

One such person exists in Engineer Lightness Ladislaus Salema, the new Chairperson of the Commonwealth Business Women’s Network (CBWN) Tanzania Chapter.

Ms Lightness, who is an electrical engineer by profession, was selected to lead CBWN from 2022 by CBWN Network in UK. “As a Chairperson of CBWN, I am championing uplifting women’s trade, talents and training. I accomplish this through addressing systemic barriers to women’s full and equal participation in the economy by taking a genderresponsive approach to the development of trade policy, and to promote women’s economic empowerment,” she told Woman Magazine.

Eng. Salema who had a great fortune of making strides in her academic life and carrier, displays her enthusiasm that more than 2,000 women in Tanzania will be reached in 2022 through training which will expose them to skills, leadership, capacity building and knowledge of grabbing available trade opportunities not only in Tanzania but in regional and international markets.

She says that CBWN aims to ensure that women in Tanzania are empowered and trained on how to position themselves in order to maximize the benefits that can be garnered from the Commonwealth Advantage and Intra African Trade.

Chairing CBWN Tanzania chapter exposes her to 54 other nations which are members of the Commonwealth, where she will serve in that capacity for five years with chances of possible renewal. Eng Salema says that she is confident that she will manage to reach the required goals due to her exposure in the international arena.

Leadership qualities started manifesting themselves since her early childhood, where she says that throughout her primary education she was selected as a class monitor, and when she reached secondary school she was selected as the Assistant Head Girl.

At the university level in 1999, she Eng Salema was appointed the Tanzanian representative and established a branch of Community of Saint Egidio (whose headquarters are in Rome, Italy) which is a lay Catholic association dedicated to social service, including peace negotions and ‘Dream Project’ which serviced the disadvantageous with clinical services.

The 44-year-old has also experience in network marketing, and with her leadership skills she has built a strong business foundation in various countries, which created over 5,000 jobs and in Tanzania, making her company to enter the medium size top 100 tax payer.

She has also trained youth and women in practice leadership in several countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and the United Kingdom.

“I started with zero, with nothing at all and from a humble background but with audacity of taking steps and trusting in God, I made steps to pursue education, venture into businesses and now the chairperson of CBWN. What I want to tell women is that we can do it with determination,” she says.

Women, according to Engineer Salema, need to have positivity in their thinking, maintain values, never quit and trusting in the creator’s mercies to make steps and move ahead towards the ways of success.

She says for example, in training and other initiatives by CBWN under her leadership, women will be nurtured to expand their horizons through changing the way they think.

This, she says, will involve eliminating negativity in their minds, seeing a wider picture of 54 nations as members of the Commonwealth and other regional markets. She says this will make them inventors, innovators and creators, who will capture available markets, attract local and foreign investors with the intention of joint venturing, and therefore hoist Tanzania’s economy to a better state.

She believes that an empowered woman will be one who loves and takes care of her family.

“She will be taking responsibility of running and taking care of her family and ensuring moral upbringing of children for those who are blessed with them,” she says.

She insists on the fear of God according to one’s faith or religion and respect other people’s beliefs, which is a foundation of peace, saying sustainable and fruitful women empowerment is a fruit of meekness and not to be confused with pride.

Eng Salema holds a B.Sc. (Hons) Electrical Engineering degree from University of Dar es Salaam and Postgraduate Diploma in Facilities Management from Leeds Metropolitan University in UK. She has also done ACCA- Accounting Studies up to Level 2.

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