Barrick Bulyanhulu’s programme  yields positive results in Nyang’hwale

Barrick Bulyanhulu’s programme yields positive results in Nyang’hwale

THE Performance Improvement Programme (PIP) that is being implemented by Barrick through the Bulyanhulu Mine, in collaboration with Nyang’hwale District Council in Geita region has achieved good results, by increasing the number of stu- dents’ achievements in the district.

The Barrick Bulyanhulu Community Relations Manager, Mr Agapiti Paul said here over the weekend that in 2021 the company had al- located 50m/- in the community project in Nyang’hwale District Council for the purchase of textbooks for students and teachers in 10 government secondary schools in the district, to provide incentive prizes to division one students, students’ parents, teachers whose subjects performance were high.

Before this programme was introduced which is targeting secondary schools, the performance of Form Four students in the District at Division One level was five students only, but now the number has increased to 55 students.

This was revealed over the weekend during the prize awarding ceremony for students from various secondary schools that performed well along with teachers who enabled that success through this programme.

The programme was launched in 2019 with the aim of raising the performance of secondary school students and reducing tru- ancy in schools, especially for girls.

Due to the positive re- sults of this programme for students, the Community Development Committee (CDC) has been allocating funds each year to achieve its implementation.

Nyang’hwale District Commissioner, David Jam- huri, commended Barrick’s efforts to provide incentives for teachers and students to increase student achieve- ment in that District.

“I believe the co-operation of the Government with Barrick, through this programme, will bring more success, I urge teachers and students to increase their efforts at all times to enable the Government’s goal of improving the education sector in the country,” he said.

One of the students who benefited from the pro- gramme, Egide John Ha- lalawe from Msalala Secondary School, speaking on behalf of his colleagues said through the programme students benefit by getting textbooks and school meals and has motivated teachers to teach hard and closely monitor students when they are in their final year.

“We thank Barrick and the District Council for introducing this program, we believe this programme will enable more students to perform better in their exams including getting Division One and other high grades of achievement,” he remarked.

Speaking on behalf of the parents, Idd John, said the initiative is good and encourages children to be more committed also parents who are not financially capable, their children are learning well due to getting sufficient textbooks as well as meals, and also teachers have been teaching voluntarily students who are in their final year during holidays without asking any payment from parents.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Geit

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